You are currently viewing 4 must-do steps for your Youtube Monetization :

4 must-do steps for your Youtube Monetization :

Hey there, Welcome to our Making money online series: Let us start with 4 must-do steps for Your YouTube monetization. Making money online is a simple method to earn money nowadays, even from the comfort of your own home. However, performing it well is a significant challenge in this process. Youtube will not pay you just for your work (videos), but they do have a number of monetization procedures that you must follow.

In this post, you will learn about the precise processes to complete before submitting for monetization, as well as how they are programmed to be.

Basic step for Youtube Monetization:

Create Google Adsense account

Many people think that creating Google Adsense is a silly step to get monetized, but it’s not. If you want to make money on YouTube, you must live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program exists, and you must also abide by YouTube’s policies in their terms and conditions, which means that you must not share copyrighted music or inappropriate content on your YouTube channel since you will not be accepted and will not be compensated for Youtube monetization.

Four Must do steps for Youtube Monetization

1.Meet Youtube’s 2 Major requirement

  • Reach 1000 Subscribers
  • Reach 4000 watch hours in a year

The two primary criteria that a lot of people tells you that you have to reach your first 1,000 subscribers, which is self-explanatory. Or else You must have 1,000 followers with 4,000 watch-view hours during the previous year. One of the most often concerns I receive is, “How does it actually work?” For example, if you’ve had a YouTube channel for over a year and a half and have just reached 4,000 view hours, would you get monetized?

The answer is NO, it needs to be within the previous 12 months. This does not imply a year from January to December, nor does it mean all of 2020 or all of 2021, depending on when you are watching this. It means the last year from where you are now. It implies that if you publish a video on January 17, 2020, it must have 4000 watch hours by January 17, 2021, and those films must be public on your YouTube channel.

So, let’s say you’re shooting some live videos on YouTube and live streaming, but once you’re done, you don’t make those videos public on your channel. Those watch hours do not actually count to the watch hours that matter to get monetized; it only counts based on the videos that are actually public on your YouTube channel within the last 365 days.Those will continue to accumulate until you get your first 1000 subscribers, so it may happen at any moment. If you meet those requirements in your first four months on YouTube, that’s absolutely fantastic.

For instance, let’s say that you’re shooting some live videos on YouTube your live streaming but once you are done with your live stream you don’t make those videos public on your channel those watch hours do not actually count to the watch hours that matter to get monetized it only counts based off the videos that are actually public on your YouTube channel within the last 365 days now you can hit those guidelines at any point in time so let’s say you hit your watch hours before you hit your first 1000 subscribers those watch hours are still going to count as long as it’s within the last 365 days those are still going to count until you hit your first 1000 subscribers so it can happen at any point in time if you hit those guidelines in your first 4 months of being on YouTube that’s freaking awesome.

2.Review process of Youtube Monetization

You will be reviewed, and the time it takes to complete the review process may vary depending on the individual. Let’s just assume it will take one year for some folks and less than a year for others to meet those targets. If you expected to receive an email stating that you were under review by YouTube, or if you simply kept checking the monetization settings under the YouTube creator studio to see if you met the guidelines and then, right at the top, it stated that you were under consideration to be monetized by YouTube; you were mistaken totally, but they never tell anyone and never send any reminder notifications. The only email you’ll end up is one informing you whether you were accepted into the YouTube Partner Program or if you were denied because you didn’t follow their policies, so if you have copyright music in your public videos, that’s not going to be good for you because you’ll get a copyright strike and won’t be able to get monetized on YouTube.

3.Customize Ad on your video

When you get that email, you might be so excited that you go to your channel and want to add all the ads to your videos, but if you have your settings set up ahead of time, YouTube will automatically add ads to all of your videos. The only thing you might want to do is go to your most popular videos, and if they’re longer than 10 minutes, you can manually add ads in the middle of your video. Otherwise, YouTube will simply add them where they assume it fits best, which may just mean one ad and maybe it’s just not in a nice location, so I would recommend you to go in and look at your most popular videos and add the advertisements that Where you exactly wanted to. This makes your viewers to wait for your content instead of skipping your video because of annoying ad’s.

4.Revenue analytics

The other big thing is that ads will be automatically placed on all of your videos, but you will not see the revenue that you make on your very first day, so if you are so excited that your revenue analytics are up here in your YouTube creator studio, you will not see any data on the first day because it has actually been delayed 24 hours within the YouTube creator studio. However, all of your other analyses such as likes and comments are updated after 24 hours and so you can’t see it until the day over. But most of all, your income analysis will really be delayed by 48 hours so that you won’t be able to know how much money you generate for two days now.

For example, suppose you are looking at your Google AdSense account for alternate days and discover that your earnings for the entire week are predicted to be zero. This scenario occurs frequently among creators; you should be aware that money from YouTube does not really reach your Adsense account until two weeks after the month has ended, so let’s just collect all of the revenue that you generate in the current month. Let’s say you made $150 on YouTube; that money will not be transferred to Adsense until about the 11th through 14th of the following month, so you won’t actually see that money hit your Adsense account until about the 11th through 14th of the following month, and then you’ll end up getting paid out on the nearest date of that month, so to summarise, all of the money you made in June will be transferred to Adsense.

A Seperate blog for Google Adsense setup for youtube will be available shortly.

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