We Brothers from nowhere of 22 with a Growth mindedness and wishing to have a Great future by commencing a Startup – Giving people ideas to make their future good and also making employments around ‘India and globally’. We started this Techyclumps as a stepping stone for our success journey waiting ahead. We are Hustling every day for making something good for our users with the sole intention of enlightening others with what we know. Blogging is our key work in this ongoing journey.

We are making good stuff on the internet by blogging and soon planning to reach our new good kinds of stuff on youtube channels with a hope to reach globally.

About site:

Our Goals

To bring value to people by giving trusted and valuable information on

*Aim to give precise and detailed content.

If you are interested in any type of TECHNOLOGY — then feel free to give a visit to our website which is specially made for students who love tech but struggle to understand it. So we are proving free resources with a simple explanation for those technical terms.

We created the site to make a better future for those students who can’t afford to learn technology and many more can make use of this website: Techyclumps

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