Whatsapp privacy policy issues explained simply. The world’s one of the most used social messengers is Whatsapp. It has billions of users until a big announcement given by Facebook-(Whatsapp Privacy policy) . 

Its users drastically dipped from then, at the meantime, the Tony stark of real-world Elon musk, played with his single controversial tweet to have a try with signal and so the users frequently transferred to signal and telegrams.

This makes Facebook withdraw its changes in Whatsapp privacy policy. However, Facebook never holds theirs give-up on the change in their Whatsapp privacy policy. As the result, Facebook released its privacy policies with some changes as follows with short notes.

Short History of Whatsapp with Facebook

WhatsApp privacy policy new

When did Facebook announce -(Whatsapp privacy policy).

After WhatsApp brought by Facebook they made an announcement on Feb 8, 2021, that users should accept their new updated privacy policy to use its application as usual.

What are Whatsapp’s new privacy rules?

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WhatsApp’s new policy states that in order for users to keep their account alive. They should allow WhatsApp to share user data with their parent company which is “Facebook”.

This update shocked the whole world. However, it affects business users more than common users. According to WhatsApp, they will share some data of users such as account registration details like Phone numbers, Transaction details.

In the case of a business account, they will ask for service-related information, data on how users interact with others and their purpose of their visiting or interactions with the product holders, and their mobile device information like IP address also.

Some experts assume that all these details aim to target advertisements for users what to show and what not! said FB. But there is no proper announcement given by FB, this makes it a little bit suspicious for many users.

Is this WhatsApp’s new privacy policy safe?

As the company says that user chats are safe and also their calls remain end-to-end encryption as always. They also said we never share users’ contact lists, neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your text as they are end-to.-end encryption which can be accessed only in two ends who are sender and receiver.

What’s never fits in is that “Facebook demands unnecessary privacy information from users that don’t need for target product advertising grows suspicion.

whatsapp privacy policy

That’s why people fear the privacy policy

What happens if we don’t accept WhatsApp’s privacy policy?

Facebook announced WhatsApp new privacy policy on Feb 8th but they have
extended their deadline to May 15, 2021, and Facebook recently states that users will not be suspended completely from WhatsApp.

As per Facebook that if users won’t accept the privacy policy within or after May 15 their service will be limited and reduced alternatively.

  • Users will be able to attend and make calls but won’t be able to access their chat screen.
  • If users have enabled notifications for WhatsApp they can reply in notification but can’t message by opening the application.
  • After a period of time (which is not informed by Facebook) they will also cut the call service in WhatsApp, which means neither users won’t able to make calls or attend calls not message in WhatsApp.
  • They also made sure that user account won’t be deleted and their chats stay intact and safe.


As we already crossed our deadline we have to wait and see what will be happening with this worldwide issue created by Facebook. This privacy policy issue may affect the FB business by declining users from WhatsApp.

Comment us your point of view about this issue.
  1. Do you trust Facebook?
  2. Will you accept their policy?

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