BMW’s Color changing car & How E ink works

BMW has recently revealed their iX Flow concept car with has a futuristic paint called E ink. As BMW iX is Trending in the whole world it is possible that you have seen the car changing its colour from white to black. Let’s know how it works. 

E-ink technology

E-ink is a brand that produces Electronic paper which is the base of colour changing cars. We may think it is a kind of nanotechnology paint or something but actually, it is a thin layer of film. E-paper is usually useful for readers to give the readers the ambience of a book like an amazon kindle reader. 

Such technology is now used in BMW iX which gives its colour change in an instant. Let’s see how it works. 

How E-ink works

Basically, E-ink is a thin layer of film embedded with tiny microcapsules which are suspended in a liquid. These microcapsules contain both white and black particles. How does it change colour? As white particles in microcapsules are positively charged and black particles are negatively charged

While applying the positive electric field makes the black particles rise to the surface of the film, conversely applying the negative electric field makes the white particles rise. Thus, by applying different electric fields in different parts of the display it changes colour and gives various patterns in black, white and grey. 

E-ink on BMW

As BMW revealed its world-first colour changing car in Consumer electronic show in Las Vegas they used this same technology we saw above. “E-ink on BMW iX Flow car can be controlled by a mobile application”, said BMW research engineer Stella Clarke. 

By applying various electric fields using the mobile car can produce numerous numbers of patterns with white, black and grey as racing stripes and various camo using white, black and grey colours. 

Efficiency and usage

Unlike pixels E-ink only need power during colour transformation but not to maintain a colour which makes it very energy efficient. Users can change colour based on climate like when it is a hot day we can change colour to white to reflect sunlight and when it’s cold use black to absorb heat. BMW group hopes that one day these cars will hit the market and also not only with 3 colours but with a wide range of colours. 

So here is the link for people who are looking for a pre-order of the new BMW ix & i4

(Disclaimer – BMW iX Flow is not for sale) 

Why the Hype? Vivo V23 Pro | Launch & Specifications

We know for the past few days Vivo V23 Pro 5G is being a hot topic over the Internet. There have been many mobiles released in the market in the past few months like Sony Xperia Pro I but why have Vivo is being spicy for the past couple of days? What’s special about it? Let me answer those questions and the review will be here soon.

Network and launch of Vivo V23 Pro

Vivo v23 has been launched with 5G like any other mobile with the speed of  HSPA 42.2 / 5.76 Mbps with Dual Sim. Mobile has been announced on Jan 5, 2022, and is expected to be released on Jan 19, 2022. 


Vivo v23 is built with glass on the front and back but has a special feature as it has SCHOTT sensation glass on the front. Body dimensions were 157.2 x 72.4 x 7.4mm which comes in handy for usage. 179g in weight which is lightly weighted in comparison to today’s smartphones. 

(SCHOTT Xensation glass- SCHOTT is a High tech glass producer for mobiles and tablets. Xensation is their new cover glass comprised of ultra-strong alumino – silicate that provides outstanding resistance to breakage and scratches) 

Under the display, optical fingerprint sensor, and color-changing panel. Yes!! Colour changing panel when exposed to sunlight. Vivo v23 is built in a way it looks like a replica of the Apple iPhone 13 pro max on the sides which gives the mobile a sleek look it has. 


V23 is built with a 6.44inch AMOLED display. The size of the display gives Vivo v23 a body ratio of ~88%. 1080*2400 pixels with a 20:9 pixel ratio which definitely gives ultra-clear picture quality which is assured by their ~409 PPI display spec. 


Vivo v23 is embedded with Android 12, Funtouch 12 OS with MediaTek dimensity 920 chipsets (9nm). CPU and GPU of Octa-core processor and Mali-G 68 respectively. This may seem not enough when compared to other smartphones but every smartphone has its upper hand so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 


Main camera-

The main camera has a triplet camera feature with a 64 MP primary lens, 8 MP ultra-wide lens and 2 MP macro lens with Dual LED flash, HDR, and Panorama. 

Video cameras are recordable with 4K@30fps and 1080p@30fps. The camera bump on the back gives a cool look that isn’t too big or too thin. 

Selfie camera-

Luckily v23 has a dual selfie camera with 60 MP with wide and 8 MP ultra-wide camera. As Vivo are known for their selfie camera v23 stepped on to another level by embedding a dual selfie camera with Dual LED with dual-tone flash with High Dynamic Range. 


4200 mAh Li-po non removable battery. Type – C fast charging up to 44W which is 1-70% of battery charge in 30minutes as advertised. For whole information regarding Vivo V23 pro you can visit the official site.

EeVe Soul launched a Checkmate for Ola scooter.

EeVe India is an Indian electric bike manufacturer that has seemed to become a rival of Ola scooters. EeVe has introduced its new electric scooter model, the EeVe Soul, in India. This post contains important information about this electric scooter EeVe Soul. 

EeVe India has launched a new electric scooter for sale in India. EeVe has introduced its electric scooter as the flagship two-wheeler with state-of-the-art technology.


EeVe Soul Electric comes with a slew of technological features, including IoT, anti-theft locking technology, GPS navigation, a USB port (for charging cell phones and other devices), keyless motion, reverse mode, a central braking system, geo-fencing, and geotagging.


The design is illuminated as if the X shape is split in two. It is positioned to give a more attractive look to the electric scooter. A headlamp is used between these lights. Together they are positioned to give the Soul e-scooter a unique look. 

Fuel and range:-

It also includes two Lithium Ferrous Phosphate batteries. Both are located beneath the seat. The combined range of the two batteries is up to 120 km. This maximum range is only available when running in Eco mode.

These batteries can be charged separately. The scooter is powered by a swappable LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) battery. EV has announced that it will be offering a three-year regular warranty on electric scooters. Not only this, with the help of electric lighting this electric scooter has been provided in a way that no other electric scooter has ever received.


It is remarkable that when traveling in Eco mode, the maximum speed is only 40 km per hour. The scooter’s top speed is said to be 60 km/h. The Soul electric scooter has three operating modes. Each of the three has a different top speed. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the Soul electric scooter


Its price is also slightly higher as a result of the maximum technical facilities. The Soul electric scooter has a maximum price of Rs 1.40 lakh which is the ex-showroom price.

EeVe has now launched an electric scooter with such unique features at the most expensive price in India. This scooter’s distinctive appearance is expected to attract the interest of Indian electric car enthusiasts. 

EV hype in india:-

In recent years, electric vehicles have grown in popularity in India. The main reason for this is not only the government subsidy but also the rising fuel prices in India.

As a result, sales of electric vehicles are now boosting than in the past. In particular, Hero Electric’s electric vehicles are experiencing tremendous growth. At the same time, last month’s two-wheeler sales data showed that sales of petrol-powered two-wheelers have dropped significantly. On the other hand, we might fall into a semiconductor shortage in addition to the electric shortage we need more green energy than ever before. We as a people should take care of small things which can bring more green to the environment.

Sony Xperia Pro-I Camera specifications explained

Sony Xperia Pro-I Camera seems to be one of the world’s best camera – the specifications & features are stunning and hence we made a detailed explanation.

In our previous post, we have seen about Sony Xperia Pro I in detail and even comparison. If you have seen the specs you will know how iconic the Xperia Pro I camera is. Let’s have a deep look into Xperia Pro I camera, its specifications, pros and con’s and even some pro tips. Hope we explained it well.

  1. Photography 
  2. Videography 
  3. Cinematography


ZEISS quality in your Xperia:

Enjoy the benefits of ZEISS optics that have been specifically calibrated for the Xperia PRO-I.

Large 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor with phase-detection AF sensor:

The large 1.0-type sensor, based on the RX100 VII sensor but developed and tuned exclusively for the Xperia PRO-I, offers high levels of image resolution and less noise. As a result, the picture quality is fantastic, with realistic textures and exceptional detail.

2.4μm pixel pitch:

The amazing 2.4m pixel pitch of the 1.0-type image sensor provides high sensitivity and helps to excellent texture reproduction, even when shooting in low light.


>New Xperia

Even In low light! there will be less noise!!

The Xperia PRO-I can take photos with less noise in low-light conditions thanks to its high-sensitivity 1.0-type image sensor.

Clear details – high dynamic range conditions:

The 1.0-type image sensor allows the Xperia PRO-I to bring out detail in both dark and bright areas of the image in high dynamic range situations.

Artistic natural bokeh effects:

Another benefit of the large image sensor is that the Xperia PRO-I can capture beautiful shots with naturally deep bokeh.

Dual aperture:

The dual aperture of F2.0 / 4.0 allows you to explore with a depth of field and portray your subject in a number of ways.

Triple lens and 3D iToF sensor for creativity:

The 24mm lens with a 1.0-type image sensor on the Xperia PRO-I is supplemented by two additional lens options, a 16mm and a 50mm, allowing you to experiment with composition. A 3D iToF sensor estimates the distance between the camera and the subject in real-time, ensuring fast, accurate autofocus in any setting. All three lenses support phase-detection autofocus.


With three lens options – 16mm Ultra-Wide, 24mm Wide, and 50mm Standard – the Xperia PRO-I allows you to capture a wide range of images.

Processing, performance, and imaging quality:

Sony’s most recent BIONZ X™image processor for mobile devices and Sony’s unique front-end LSI and 1.0-type image sensor, as well as Sony’s original image-processing algorithms, ensure accurate imaging even with fast-moving subjects.

AF that covers 90% frame:

On the Xperia PRO-I, 315 (21×15) phase-detection AF points cover 90 percent of the frame. So AF works pretty much anywhere your topic is and can lock on to your subject very quickly.

Real-time Eye AF:

Real-time Eye AF allows you to capture stunning portraits of people or animals. Even if your subject is moving or one of his or her eyes is obscured, you will capture memorable images that are full of energy and expression.

Real-time Tracking:

Real-time Tracking, which uses AI and a 3D iToF sensor to measure distance, can detect and focus on a fast-moving subject, then continue tracking it even if it temporarily moves out of sight. Simply touch your subject on the Xperia PRO-I display to specify it.

20fps burst shooting:

The quick image sensor allows for continuous burst photography at up to 20fps, and the camera monitors subjects with AF/AE calculations up to 60 times per second, even when they move erratically or at high speed. Burst shooting with the Xperia PRO-I produces sharp images with less noise even in low-light conditions, thanks to the unique processing engine.

Anti-distortion shutter:

The fast readout of the 1.0-type image sensor aids in the suppression of the rolling-shutter effect, which can distort images when photographing fast-moving subjects.

Optical image stabilization for less blur:

Optical Image Stabilisation technology helps deliver images with less blur, even in low-light conditions, if your hand is unsteady when taking the shot.

12bit RAW:

When shooting in RAW format, the Xperia PRO-I supports 12bit, which results in a clean and rich tonal gradation of color without banding.

Controls and settings inspired by Alpha:

On the Xperia PRO-I, you’ll find controls similar to those found on professional cameras with Photography Pro. You can choose manual controls or automatic settings and shoot in RAW using an interface inspired by Alpha cameras. Photography Pro also includes a Basic mode for quick access to a variety of simple photography features, such as a touch shutter button.

Shutter button – True camera feel:

Using the Xperia PRO-I, with its dedicated shutter button, is similar to using the Sony RX100 series. It even has the same shutter switch module and uses the same button strokes to operate AF and shutter release. Long-pressing the shutter button will also launch Photography Pro and allow you to begin shooting right away.

camera strap:

The Xperia PRO-I has a built-in strap-hole, so you can easily attach a wrist or neck strap for added security while taking photos.

The perfect companion for Sony Alpha camera:

You can use your Xperia PRO-I to transfer RAW files and files with lossless compression from your Alpha camera, as well as remotely control Touch Tracking and Touch Focus for convenient AF operation, using the Imaging Edge Mobile™ app.


High-quality video with an authentic shooting:

The Xperia Pro I’s 1.0-type image sensor raises the quality of your videos to a new level, while Sony’s unique UI assists you in fully realizing your creative vision, resulting in shots that are exactly as you intended.

Videography Pro:

The Xperia PRO-Videography I’s Pro app puts all of the creative settings you need in the palm of your hand. The Videography Pro interface, which draws on Sony’s expertise across a range of video and movie cameras, allows you to tailor manual controls to your specific needs or rely on auto mode for total convenience.

Eye AF for stills and videos:

Sony’s superior eye-detection and tracking performance not only help you take gorgeous still portraits, but also help you shoot breathtaking video footage. Eye AF brings videos to life like never before by recognizing the human or animal eye and maintaining focus on it as your subject moves.

Stay focused with Object Tracking:

Object Tracking can automatically track a moving target and keep it in great focus, even if it lacks eyes or its eyes are blocked from view.

Shoot video in 4K HDR 120fps:

The Xperia PRO-I allows you to shoot high-quality video in 4K HDR 120fps and select playback frame rates ranging from 24fps to 120fps for greater creative flexibility.

Take smooth, shake-free video:

The Xperia PRO-I includes the most recent Optical SteadyShotTM with FlawlessEyeTM, which combines the image sensor’s increased reading speed with Sony’s original optical image stabilization algorithm. As a result, the video footage is extremely smooth and shake-free.

Record loud and clear voice:

Sound is normally recorded through stereo microphones when shooting video on an Xperia camera in order to reproduce multi-dimensional sound. However, the Xperia PRO-I includes a built-in monaural microphone next to the main camera, allowing you to concentrate on recording speech while other sounds remain in the background.

Filter out wind noise:

Our industry-leading audio separation technology is included in the Xperia PRO-I for highly effective wind filtering, both for stereo and monaural microphones.

Film yourself with the Vlog Monitor for Xperia PRO-I:

If you’re a blogger, a YouTuber, or simply sharing with friends, the Xperia PRO-1.0-type I’s image sensor allows you to film yourself with exceptional imaging quality. You can also see what you’re recording and create truly memorable content by attaching the Vlog Monitor for Xperia PRO-I.


Enjoy 21:9 movie recording with Cinematography Pro:

(Powered by CineAlta) 

Make movies with the same parameters and color settings as professionals. Our Digital Cinema Camera engineers’ expertise, Look color management presets, 21:9 ratio, 4K HDR, 120fps high frame rate, and 24, 25, 30, and 60fps provide you with all the tools you need. 

Capture, Edit, and Share:

When you finish shooting with most cameras, you go home to your laptop or PC to edit and share your work. However, the Xperia PRO-I allows you to do it all from a single device, wherever and whenever you want.

Wrapping Up:

The listed features are taken from official website of Sony, you can have a look of Sony Xperia Pro-I

Why Elon Musk reply his customers in Twitter?

All we know is that Tesla founder Elon Musk has always been active on Twitter. Quickly responds to questions and comments from other Netizens, including customers of his electric cars and electric vehicle enthusiasts. Elon Musk has been commenting on things that are going viral on the internet at the same time. Furthermore twitter account of one of the world’s richest person Elon Musk works as Tesla’s corporation liason. As a result, Elon’s recent response to a customer’s question has become yet another example of his prompt and dedication. Lets have a look of why he reply his customers.

Elon’s Twitter service:

The South Korean Tesla Model 3 car owner has questioned Elon Musk on Twitter, saying “ he could not connect his iPhone to the system of his electric compact sedan“, which is currently a global problem. Elon Musk, who responded in just 3 minutes, was the first to say, “Checking …”.

Within the next few minutes, there was an update on this complaint. He stated in the second response log that the server was down and that he had posted the source of the problem in the Tesla application at the time. The South Korean customer was astounded to receive such a prompt response, especially from Tesla’s CEO, and responded, “Thank you, Elon”. Elon Musk’s activities have piqued the interest of many Internet users all around the world.

They are expressing gratitude for this. In fact, on November 19, there was a software issue with Tesla vehicles in many countries. So, the vast majority of Tesla electric car customers are unable to connect their vehicles to the processor provided solely by Tesla. Is anyone else here? Who doesn’t appreciate Brand’s fast service?. And as a brand, this is how you establish an emotional connection with your customers.

Responsible CEO ever:

After learning that Elon Musk would be active on Twitter, some of these Tesla car owners began tweeting questions to him. Some of these questions were also addressed by Elon. The discussion above is just one of many that have gone viral. So some of you may be wondering, “What’s the point of mentioning?” It is not as easy as a busy entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Elon Musk has no need to respond to these concerns; his customer care team will handle them, but He has no qualms about apologizing for any issues with the company’s production.

Why should he do this? 

We all know how most prestigious people react to interactions with their customers. But here Elon proved that he is different indeed we can think of some questions. Here are some of my own questions for why would he do this 

Is this for publicity of the company? 

More than 80 % of social media users know about tesla. Tesla’s reach is almost magical that everyone knows every project of Tesla only just because all they do is something others think impossible. These ideas alone will reach people. With these projects, he doesn’t need to reach people by replying on Twitter for his companies fame, Nah ! he is the one who tweets “Tesla Stock price is too high” and the stock had fallen.

Is this for his own good name? 

This may be for his namesake but as far as all we know Elon is the kind of person who doesn’t give a shit about what others think of him in the process of reaching his own vision. And we could see the results.

Maybe a hobby? 

Elon Musk is an active Twitter user as he comments on most of the global issues and never stays silent for controversy about him/elsewhere. Twitter users know he responds to most of the tweets pointed at him. But if it’s just a re-tweet this applies but he analyzed the customer’s complaint took time for it and rectified it. Why would he go through all of that? 

Leading in customer service as one of the Priority:

In a survey, A companies that can provide satisfactory customer service, Tesla ranks first in the world. This is due to Tesla’s constant desire to meet the needs of its customers as soon as possible.

Tesla net worth and deals:

The total market asset value of Tesla was disclosed at the end of last October. According to data, Tesla’s total assets have surpassed $1 trillion, but the company has yet to enter the Indian car market. Hertz, a US rental car company, recently signed a deal with Tesla to purchase 1 million electric vehicles.

The deal between Tesla and Hertz is reportedly worth $ 4 million. All these 1 lakh cars are Model 3 electric sedan, model

Tesla share market hike:

In the United States, the Tesla Model 3 electric car costs $ 40,000. The fact that Tesla’s assets have surpassed $1 trillion is good news for Tesla shareholders. This is because Tesla’s stock price has risen 13 percent as a result of the new agreement, and it now stands at $1,024.86.

Meeting with Elon may be the Key:

However we never know the answer for why? and None of this matters him, Elon is the only one who can answer these questions because everyone has their own perspective for matters. I shared questions and justification of my perspective and hope to write your perspective in the comment

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Expecting a Comeback from SONY: Sony Xperia Pro-I Launch & features

It could be a great comeback from Sony? Sony Xperia Pro-I Launch on 2022. Seems to be made for Professional cinematographer’s

The term “SONY” sounds like a Brand that produces a Camera & sound system. But how many of you know that Sony is once a leading smartphone brand that introduced the new era of water resistance smartphones which was a major important feature that everyone notice while choosing a smartphone. Then! What happened with the sony smartphones? Why didn’t they go nowhere? these topics will be soon covered within this series of Blogs.

However, Sony has turned the plate on mobile technology to a whole new level. I would say Sony is one of the Brands which is willing to sell mobiles despite the dominance of Apple and Samsung. Sony is known for their fine cutting edge technologies in camera, sound systems, and even gaming consoles but not quite known for their mobile but Sony Xperia Pro 1 5G is standing on top of all.

(Disclaimer: Don’t miss out on the camera part)

Let’s cover with the Elegant specification of the Sony Xperia Pro I

Build-in, Design and Handling:

It has built with a dimension of 166×72×8.9mm of a pure aluminum frame with gorilla glass on both sides. It is not a typical dual glass smartphone but Sony made this thick and ribbed aluminum frame for the best grip you can get in a duel glassed smartphone. (Yes, Don’t have to fear dropping your mobile even if you do you have a metal frame to handle that. LOL. )


Xperia pro 1 has an OLED with 1 Billion colors and up to 120Hz display which is still the best refresh rate hence displaying smoothness while gaming is still bliss. They give 1644×3840 pixels with 643ppi which gives you fine 4K display quality. 82.5% Screen-to-body ratio. Imagine an 82.5% S-B ratio with a 4K display will be a Valhalla for movie lovers.

How could I miss the display material? Sony Xperia Pro I has a gorilla glass Victus which is twice as strong and scratch-resistant as Gorilla glass 6 said the company. Xperia Pro I also comes with a back gorilla glass 6.

Water & Dust Resistance:

Comes with IP65 dust resistance and IP68 water-resistant with up to 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes.


Sony Xperia Pro I comes with Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 5G chipset and Octa-core with Adreno 660 processors which run in Android 11 OS. They also provide 512GB of internal storage with 12GB enormous RAM for the best processing speed.

The Camera: Sony Xperia Pro I

Let’s get into that Bigger part:

I’m excited a bit high whenever speaking about a device camera and its features.

Main camera:

We know Sony is known for their exceptional Professional camera’s, Also they had Quoted :

Xperia PRO-I [THE Camera]: The ‘I’ stands for Imaging. The Xperia PRO-I redefines the camera, combining professional imaging quality with smartphone communication capabilities. So you can be creative, wherever, whenever.


For Instance a (Sony RX100 v7 camera inbuild into your mobile phone. Or a Smartphone is built with a 1″ inch sensor). “Oh man, that’s a whole new innovation” Sony has a huge camera sensor of size 1inch which is the first smartphone that introduces this kinda innovation into the smartphone Era. This cannot be seen in any mobile, It’s also a bitter truth that iPhone uses a Sony camera so only if Sony gives its sensor does the iPhone have to think about it. I Hope iPhone 14 will be released with a 1″ sensor!!! Maybe that’s a Camera more than a Smartphone.

(Note: iPhone 13 pro max use 0.6-inch sensor)

Sony Xperia Pro 1 has a Quad camera on the back which gives you a 12MP camera with wide-angle, 12MP for telephoto with 2× optical zoom, another 12MP for ultrawide photos, and 0.3MP for depth with LED dual-tone flash. I suggest you never judge these cameras based on their Megapixels and optical zoom.

Note: iPhone 13 pro max uses a 12MP camera with 3× optical zoom.

Another DSLR level feature is 315 Phase detection auto-focus points which allow the light to enter various areas of the lens and cover 90% of the frame to measure exactly how out of focus the image is, so the lens can be focused quickly and accurately. Also, provide 20fps burst shooting with less noise.

They provided a video spec of 4K video recording with up to 60fps with Dolby vision HDR with 60fps. It also facilitates Pro resolution, cinematic mode, and stereo sound recording.

So for detailed features of the Camera, we had made an individual dedicated blog post which will be rolling out before Thursday.

Selfie camera:

The Selfie camera is a single 12MP-HDR camera with depth and biometric sensor with a recording of 4K videos up to 60fps. Tik Tokkers and You tubers will love it.


Xperia Pro 1 comes with a 4352 mAh non-removable Li-ion battery which has a fast charging of 27W which is 50% in 30min (as advertised). USB power delivery 2.0 for fast data transfer.

Packaging: No Plastic Inside

For additional details visit Sony’s official website

Wrapping up:

Expected price is Rs.1,56,000. I personally felt that the two designers worked and by default they made a new innovation of the smartphone into a camera. For Real, I’m curious about the launch and user experience with the camera. Hope this might be a Great relaunch of the tech giant Sony into the Smartphone battle.

Soon there are maybe several new sony users around you!!

Will they soon beat apple and Samsung out of competition in the tech race?

Comment your view…cheers.

Spicy OnePlus 10 pro Leaks | Launching 2022

It has been leaked that Oneplus is working on its next top-line smartphone. We got our first look through our couple of leaked renders profusely to show its design. Here is the leaked design of the OnePlus 10 Pro.


By the looks of the leak, there is a unique camera bump on the back of the mobile. The camera bump is unusual in other one plus models and also looks similar to the Galaxy S21 which has camera space extended to the side of the mobile phone. Keep in mind that these images are said to be based on real photos of an early prototype, so the design could still change.

Based on the image mobile has three rear cameras but it doesn’t look like it has any periscope zoom camera but it is rumored that it has a periscope lens that has zoom in super wide ability. Oneplus used Hasselblad camera in OnePlus 10 pro. It is also said to have 5-Axis OIS for excellent image stabilization which is mind-blowing. 


Rumors said that 10 pro has Snapdragon 898 5G processor aka Snapdragon 8 Gen1. It is anticipated that Oneplus 10 pro would have a basic model with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage on the other hand top model could have 12GB RAM with 256GB of internal storage

Display & Battery:

It is said to be Oneplus 10 pro has a 6.7inch curved display. Also, information like 10 pros will have 125W Fast charging with 4000Mah integrated with gallium nitrate to reduce overheating and fast charging with the time frame of 20-30 for 0-100%.

Oneplus 10 pros are expected to hit the streets at some point before May 2022. We hope Oneplus 10 pro would be a standard mobile as their predecessor’s. 

Down to one’s luck, we don’t have any other information about the Oneplus 10 pro. We expect you to stick around while we update you with any new info about the Oneplus 10 pro. 

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Well known Facts of Apple: Steve Jobs Kingdom

Let’s be honest about the search terms: Unknown facts of APPLE are everywhere, and why should we have to do the same? So we decided to provide content for folks who are looking for a quick note on well-known facts of Apple: A Steve Jobs Kingdom. So, you want to know a few short facts about Apple? Here are the top eight well-known facts that can help you remember them better as a student.

Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs:

Steve Jobs was born in the United States, the son of a Syrian immigrant. Few people know that Steve Jobs was adopted, and even fewer know that his father, Abdulfattah Jandali, was the man who got Joanne Schieble pregnant while she was still in college. The infant was placed for adoption due to parental concerns, and despite the mother’s wishes that the baby is adopted by educated people, young Steve was adopted by Paul Jobs, a high school dropout, and Clara Jobs, who had not completed college.

Apple was started with a calculator:

To establish the firm, Jobs sold his VW Microbus and Wozniak sold his calculator. That may appear one-sided now, but a scientific calculator was worth more than the vehicle back then. Wozniak was successful in selling it for $500. And this is where the new marketing era of Apple began.

The Patent for the “slide to unlock” feature belongs to Apple:

Mobile phones nowadays come with a variety of unlocking features, including fingerprint sensors, facial detection, and retinal scanners. We don’t even have to touch the screen to unlock it with them. Even apple applied some new unlocking features their iconic unlock pattern is “Swipe to unlock”. This feature is present in all iPhones. Because Apple owns the patent for this distinctive feature, it can’t be found on any other phone.

The iPod’s code name was Dulcimer:

Apple has a codename for every product it made. Apple codenames are the names given to items by Apple Inc. while they are being developed. The codenames are frequently used solely internally, usually to keep the project’s confidentiality. A codename may occasionally become the name of a finished product. The book Apple Confidential 2.0 contains the majority of Apple’s codenames from the 1980s and 1990s.

For other Code names

Apple sold 41Lakh iPhones per day in 2013:

In the year 2013 apple is said to be sold more than 411,000 iPhones in one year which nearly made the company about 2500 crores INR. 

Employees at Apple headquarters in Cupertino earn an average of INR 92Lakhs per year:

It is said that in the year 2012 apple employees working in Cupertino, California earns 7.60Lakhs INR per month. In Cupertino apple have nearly 14,000 employees and I think only some of them are fortunate to get this kind of salary.

Everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple, where it is processed and kept for up to two years:

Although Siri listens, it doesn’t remember anything you say before it’s engaged by voice command, according to Apple’s privacy policy. Apple could then keep your footage for up to six months before stripping it of any personal information and storing it for another two years.

Apple Ipad’s retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung:

Apple discovered that outsourcing their retina display to Samsung is really less expensive than building the infrastructure themselves. It’s also a hugely lucrative deal that provides Apple a little advantage over Samsung. Of course, Samsung still rules the Display market for devices.

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Hope you mI hope you find these quick notes useful. Furthermore, our in-depth scientific and technology-related articles will be rolling out soon. We are delighted about the results and the opportunity to contribute to education in the technological field

Tesla Bot !!! Tesla into a new revolution

Tesla has created a humanoid-sized sentient robot. Elon Musk unveiled this in the Tesla AI day presentation. The so-called “Tesla Bot” is a concept for a sleek, 125-pound humanoid robot that will use Tesla’s artificial intelligence and autopilot capabilities to plan and follow routes, handle traffic (in this case, pedestrians), and avoid obstructions. When you hear it, the first thing that comes to mind is probably, “Why Tesla of all companies?” Second, why, of all things, is a robot-human? Let’s dive into it.

Why Tesla?

Tesla is a software firm that is noted for its high-end, top-of-the-line and advanced systems. Because their software advantage and everything they do with the software in their cars is so crucial to them. It’s as if they’re a software firm that also makes electric vehicles. So, in comparison to the Mercedes, the Audi, or the BMW’s of the world, I would never classify those firms as software companies, but that is Tesla’s biggest edge.

Why Humanoid robot?

The key goal, the purpose of this Tesla Bot, the thing that they kept saying on stage during the presentation and during Q&As when they were asked about it, was that it would be able to conduct repetitive, risky, or boring work so that humans wouldn’t have to. Kind of silly don’t u think? Even though this is all we got from Tesla about Tesla Bot.


Tesla Bot – It is a Humanoid robot with a White body and a Black face with a display on it. It’s a 5’8, 125 pounds, sleek-looking like black and white human-shaped robot with this face mask, with the screen on it. It’s got hands with, you know, full 10 fingers. It’s got feet, but with no toes. Also accompanied by lots and lots of cameras and sensors.

Tesla Bot capabilities

Musk claims that the Tesla Bot will not be able to overpower or outrun humans. It can walk at a speed of 5 mph (8.04 km/hr), which is perfectly fine and manageable for any regular person. The robot will be capable of carrying 45 pounds (20.4 kg), deadlifting 150 pounds (68 kg), and lifting up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg). AI-enabled autopilot cameras, FSD computers, multi-cam video neural networks, auto-labeling, simulation and tools, and DOJO training will all be included in the Tesla Bot requirements. All of these concepts are currently incomprehensible to us because Tesla has yet to explain how they will be used on the Bot.

“It’s intended to be friendly” – Musk jocked

ELon musk

What can it do for you?

  • Tesla Bot is a robot that is programmed to undertake “risky, monotonous, or dull” jobs.
  • Tesla’s robot is one of the first non-automotive applications of the company’s cutting-edge robotics technology, which it is going to use in its self-driving cars.
  • Tesla Bot will incorporate Tesla’s automotive artificial intelligence and autopilot technologies to plan and follow routes, navigate traffic.

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Pegasus 50,000 phone numbers including Indian Bigshots linked to Israeli spyware

Top Indian Politicians, journalists & even celebrities with up to 50,000 phone numbers are fear of being linked with Pegasus Spyware | Overall risk 98%

According to revelations published Sunday, an Israeli corporation accused of supplying governments with Pegasus spyware has been linked to a list of 50,000 smartphone numbers from around the world, including activists, journalists, corporate executives, and politicians.
Since at least 2016, when researchers accused Israel’s NSO Group of assisting in the spying on a dissident in the United Arab Emirates, the company and its Pegasus virus have been in the news.

The revelations on Sunday pose privacy and rights concerns and reveal the far-reaching extent to which the private Israeli firm’s software may be misappropriated by its clients around the world.

Since at least 2016, when researchers accused Israel’s NSO Group of assisting in the spying on a dissident in the United Arab Emirates, the company and its Pegasus virus have been in the news.

Pegasus Data Leak

The Washington Post, the Guardian, Le Monde, and other news organizations collaborated on an investigation into a data breach and reported on the extent of Pegasus’ use.

According to media reports, a list of more than 50,000 smartphone numbers believed to have been recognized as people of interest by NSO clients during 2016 was leaked.

According to the Post, 15,000 of the names on the list were from Mexico and included politicians, union leaders, journalists, and government critics. The number of a Mexican freelance journalist who was killed at a carwash was purportedly included on the list. His phone was never located, and it’s unclear whether it was hacked.

Indian victims

The list included 300 cell phone numbers used in India, including those of government ministers, opposition politicians, journalists, scientists, and human rights campaigners, according to the Indian investigative news website The Wire.

More than 40 Indian journalists from major publications such as the Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and the Indian Express, as well as two founding editors of The Wire, were among those whose numbers were released, according to the report.

The Indian government denied in 2019 that it had used the malware to spy on its citizens after WhatsApp filed a lawsuit in the United States against NSO, accusing it of using the messaging platform to conduct cyber espionage.

A Pocket Spy

The numbers on the list are unattributed, according to the Post, but the media outlets involved in the initiative were able to identify over 1,000 people in more than 50 nations.

Several members of Arab royal families were at least 65 corporate leaders, 85 human rights activists, 189 journalists, and over 600 politicians and government officials, including presidents of state, prime ministers, and cabinet ministers. Many of the numbers on the list were claimed to be centered in ten countries: Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, according to sources.

According to the research, Moroccan security services used spyware to target roughly 30 French journalists and media executives.

Pegasus is said to be a highly intrusive program that can turn on a target’s phone camera and microphone as well as access data, basically turning the phone into a pocket spy.

Pegasus used by Saudi Arabia

Pegasus software, which is sold to foreign governments under a license from the Israeli government, aided Saudi Arabia in spying on Jamal Kashoggi, who was ultimately assassinated in Turkey.

Pegasus was also used to eavesdrop on Jeff Bezos after Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, exchanged conversations with him that exploited previously unknown WhatsApp vulnerabilities.

NSO Stated

Pegasus was created by NSO Group, an Israeli technology firm. NSO issued a denial on Sunday that focused on the report by Forbidden Stories, calling it “full of wrong assumptions and uncorroborated theories,” and threatened a defamation lawsuit.

“We firmly deny the false allegations made in their report,” NSO said.

“As NSO previously said, our technology was not linked to the horrible murder of Jamal Khashoggi in any way,” the business claimed.

Project Pegasus

A leak of a list of over 50,000 phone numbers believed to have been identified as those of people of interest by clients of NSO since 2016 became available to Paris-based media nonprofit organization Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International. In what has been dubbed “Project Pegasus,” they shared the information with seventeen news media organizations, and a months-long investigation was conducted, with results released in mid-July 2021.

The Guardian (UK), Radio France and Le Monde (France), Die Zeit (Germany), The Washington Post (USA), Haaretz/TheMarker (Israel), Süddeutsche Zeitung, Aristegui Noticias, Proceso, OCCRP, Knack, Le Soir, The Wire, Daraj, Direkt36 (Hungary), and PBS Frontline were among the 80 journalists who took part in the Pegasus Project. Many phones with numbers on the list had been targeted by Pegasus spyware, according to evidence.

Disclaimer: This article provides coverage of a current occurrence. As the event progresses, information may change quickly, and initial news reports may be unreliable. This article’s most recent updates may not reflect the most up-to-date information.

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