BMW’s Color changing car & How E ink works

BMW has recently revealed their iX Flow concept car with has a futuristic paint called E ink. As BMW iX is Trending in the whole world it is possible that you have seen the car changing its colour from white to black. Let’s know how it works. 

E-ink technology

E-ink is a brand that produces Electronic paper which is the base of colour changing cars. We may think it is a kind of nanotechnology paint or something but actually, it is a thin layer of film. E-paper is usually useful for readers to give the readers the ambience of a book like an amazon kindle reader. 

Such technology is now used in BMW iX which gives its colour change in an instant. Let’s see how it works. 

How E-ink works

Basically, E-ink is a thin layer of film embedded with tiny microcapsules which are suspended in a liquid. These microcapsules contain both white and black particles. How does it change colour? As white particles in microcapsules are positively charged and black particles are negatively charged

While applying the positive electric field makes the black particles rise to the surface of the film, conversely applying the negative electric field makes the white particles rise. Thus, by applying different electric fields in different parts of the display it changes colour and gives various patterns in black, white and grey. 

E-ink on BMW

As BMW revealed its world-first colour changing car in Consumer electronic show in Las Vegas they used this same technology we saw above. “E-ink on BMW iX Flow car can be controlled by a mobile application”, said BMW research engineer Stella Clarke. 

By applying various electric fields using the mobile car can produce numerous numbers of patterns with white, black and grey as racing stripes and various camo using white, black and grey colours. 

Efficiency and usage

Unlike pixels E-ink only need power during colour transformation but not to maintain a colour which makes it very energy efficient. Users can change colour based on climate like when it is a hot day we can change colour to white to reflect sunlight and when it’s cold use black to absorb heat. BMW group hopes that one day these cars will hit the market and also not only with 3 colours but with a wide range of colours. 

So here is the link for people who are looking for a pre-order of the new BMW ix & i4

(Disclaimer – BMW iX Flow is not for sale) 

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