BMW’s Color changing car & How E ink works

BMW has recently revealed their iX Flow concept car with has a futuristic paint called E ink. As BMW iX is Trending in the whole world it is possible that you have seen the car changing its colour from white to black. Let’s know how it works. 

E-ink technology

E-ink is a brand that produces Electronic paper which is the base of colour changing cars. We may think it is a kind of nanotechnology paint or something but actually, it is a thin layer of film. E-paper is usually useful for readers to give the readers the ambience of a book like an amazon kindle reader. 

Such technology is now used in BMW iX which gives its colour change in an instant. Let’s see how it works. 

How E-ink works

Basically, E-ink is a thin layer of film embedded with tiny microcapsules which are suspended in a liquid. These microcapsules contain both white and black particles. How does it change colour? As white particles in microcapsules are positively charged and black particles are negatively charged

While applying the positive electric field makes the black particles rise to the surface of the film, conversely applying the negative electric field makes the white particles rise. Thus, by applying different electric fields in different parts of the display it changes colour and gives various patterns in black, white and grey. 

E-ink on BMW

As BMW revealed its world-first colour changing car in Consumer electronic show in Las Vegas they used this same technology we saw above. “E-ink on BMW iX Flow car can be controlled by a mobile application”, said BMW research engineer Stella Clarke. 

By applying various electric fields using the mobile car can produce numerous numbers of patterns with white, black and grey as racing stripes and various camo using white, black and grey colours. 

Efficiency and usage

Unlike pixels E-ink only need power during colour transformation but not to maintain a colour which makes it very energy efficient. Users can change colour based on climate like when it is a hot day we can change colour to white to reflect sunlight and when it’s cold use black to absorb heat. BMW group hopes that one day these cars will hit the market and also not only with 3 colours but with a wide range of colours. 

So here is the link for people who are looking for a pre-order of the new BMW ix & i4

(Disclaimer – BMW iX Flow is not for sale) 

Sony Xperia Pro-I Camera specifications explained

Sony Xperia Pro-I Camera seems to be one of the world’s best camera – the specifications & features are stunning and hence we made a detailed explanation.

In our previous post, we have seen about Sony Xperia Pro I in detail and even comparison. If you have seen the specs you will know how iconic the Xperia Pro I camera is. Let’s have a deep look into Xperia Pro I camera, its specifications, pros and con’s and even some pro tips. Hope we explained it well.

  1. Photography 
  2. Videography 
  3. Cinematography


ZEISS quality in your Xperia:

Enjoy the benefits of ZEISS optics that have been specifically calibrated for the Xperia PRO-I.

Large 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor with phase-detection AF sensor:

The large 1.0-type sensor, based on the RX100 VII sensor but developed and tuned exclusively for the Xperia PRO-I, offers high levels of image resolution and less noise. As a result, the picture quality is fantastic, with realistic textures and exceptional detail.

2.4μm pixel pitch:

The amazing 2.4m pixel pitch of the 1.0-type image sensor provides high sensitivity and helps to excellent texture reproduction, even when shooting in low light.


>New Xperia

Even In low light! there will be less noise!!

The Xperia PRO-I can take photos with less noise in low-light conditions thanks to its high-sensitivity 1.0-type image sensor.

Clear details – high dynamic range conditions:

The 1.0-type image sensor allows the Xperia PRO-I to bring out detail in both dark and bright areas of the image in high dynamic range situations.

Artistic natural bokeh effects:

Another benefit of the large image sensor is that the Xperia PRO-I can capture beautiful shots with naturally deep bokeh.

Dual aperture:

The dual aperture of F2.0 / 4.0 allows you to explore with a depth of field and portray your subject in a number of ways.

Triple lens and 3D iToF sensor for creativity:

The 24mm lens with a 1.0-type image sensor on the Xperia PRO-I is supplemented by two additional lens options, a 16mm and a 50mm, allowing you to experiment with composition. A 3D iToF sensor estimates the distance between the camera and the subject in real-time, ensuring fast, accurate autofocus in any setting. All three lenses support phase-detection autofocus.


With three lens options – 16mm Ultra-Wide, 24mm Wide, and 50mm Standard – the Xperia PRO-I allows you to capture a wide range of images.

Processing, performance, and imaging quality:

Sony’s most recent BIONZ X™image processor for mobile devices and Sony’s unique front-end LSI and 1.0-type image sensor, as well as Sony’s original image-processing algorithms, ensure accurate imaging even with fast-moving subjects.

AF that covers 90% frame:

On the Xperia PRO-I, 315 (21×15) phase-detection AF points cover 90 percent of the frame. So AF works pretty much anywhere your topic is and can lock on to your subject very quickly.

Real-time Eye AF:

Real-time Eye AF allows you to capture stunning portraits of people or animals. Even if your subject is moving or one of his or her eyes is obscured, you will capture memorable images that are full of energy and expression.

Real-time Tracking:

Real-time Tracking, which uses AI and a 3D iToF sensor to measure distance, can detect and focus on a fast-moving subject, then continue tracking it even if it temporarily moves out of sight. Simply touch your subject on the Xperia PRO-I display to specify it.

20fps burst shooting:

The quick image sensor allows for continuous burst photography at up to 20fps, and the camera monitors subjects with AF/AE calculations up to 60 times per second, even when they move erratically or at high speed. Burst shooting with the Xperia PRO-I produces sharp images with less noise even in low-light conditions, thanks to the unique processing engine.

Anti-distortion shutter:

The fast readout of the 1.0-type image sensor aids in the suppression of the rolling-shutter effect, which can distort images when photographing fast-moving subjects.

Optical image stabilization for less blur:

Optical Image Stabilisation technology helps deliver images with less blur, even in low-light conditions, if your hand is unsteady when taking the shot.

12bit RAW:

When shooting in RAW format, the Xperia PRO-I supports 12bit, which results in a clean and rich tonal gradation of color without banding.

Controls and settings inspired by Alpha:

On the Xperia PRO-I, you’ll find controls similar to those found on professional cameras with Photography Pro. You can choose manual controls or automatic settings and shoot in RAW using an interface inspired by Alpha cameras. Photography Pro also includes a Basic mode for quick access to a variety of simple photography features, such as a touch shutter button.

Shutter button – True camera feel:

Using the Xperia PRO-I, with its dedicated shutter button, is similar to using the Sony RX100 series. It even has the same shutter switch module and uses the same button strokes to operate AF and shutter release. Long-pressing the shutter button will also launch Photography Pro and allow you to begin shooting right away.

camera strap:

The Xperia PRO-I has a built-in strap-hole, so you can easily attach a wrist or neck strap for added security while taking photos.

The perfect companion for Sony Alpha camera:

You can use your Xperia PRO-I to transfer RAW files and files with lossless compression from your Alpha camera, as well as remotely control Touch Tracking and Touch Focus for convenient AF operation, using the Imaging Edge Mobile™ app.


High-quality video with an authentic shooting:

The Xperia Pro I’s 1.0-type image sensor raises the quality of your videos to a new level, while Sony’s unique UI assists you in fully realizing your creative vision, resulting in shots that are exactly as you intended.

Videography Pro:

The Xperia PRO-Videography I’s Pro app puts all of the creative settings you need in the palm of your hand. The Videography Pro interface, which draws on Sony’s expertise across a range of video and movie cameras, allows you to tailor manual controls to your specific needs or rely on auto mode for total convenience.

Eye AF for stills and videos:

Sony’s superior eye-detection and tracking performance not only help you take gorgeous still portraits, but also help you shoot breathtaking video footage. Eye AF brings videos to life like never before by recognizing the human or animal eye and maintaining focus on it as your subject moves.

Stay focused with Object Tracking:

Object Tracking can automatically track a moving target and keep it in great focus, even if it lacks eyes or its eyes are blocked from view.

Shoot video in 4K HDR 120fps:

The Xperia PRO-I allows you to shoot high-quality video in 4K HDR 120fps and select playback frame rates ranging from 24fps to 120fps for greater creative flexibility.

Take smooth, shake-free video:

The Xperia PRO-I includes the most recent Optical SteadyShotTM with FlawlessEyeTM, which combines the image sensor’s increased reading speed with Sony’s original optical image stabilization algorithm. As a result, the video footage is extremely smooth and shake-free.

Record loud and clear voice:

Sound is normally recorded through stereo microphones when shooting video on an Xperia camera in order to reproduce multi-dimensional sound. However, the Xperia PRO-I includes a built-in monaural microphone next to the main camera, allowing you to concentrate on recording speech while other sounds remain in the background.

Filter out wind noise:

Our industry-leading audio separation technology is included in the Xperia PRO-I for highly effective wind filtering, both for stereo and monaural microphones.

Film yourself with the Vlog Monitor for Xperia PRO-I:

If you’re a blogger, a YouTuber, or simply sharing with friends, the Xperia PRO-1.0-type I’s image sensor allows you to film yourself with exceptional imaging quality. You can also see what you’re recording and create truly memorable content by attaching the Vlog Monitor for Xperia PRO-I.


Enjoy 21:9 movie recording with Cinematography Pro:

(Powered by CineAlta) 

Make movies with the same parameters and color settings as professionals. Our Digital Cinema Camera engineers’ expertise, Look color management presets, 21:9 ratio, 4K HDR, 120fps high frame rate, and 24, 25, 30, and 60fps provide you with all the tools you need. 

Capture, Edit, and Share:

When you finish shooting with most cameras, you go home to your laptop or PC to edit and share your work. However, the Xperia PRO-I allows you to do it all from a single device, wherever and whenever you want.

Wrapping Up:

The listed features are taken from official website of Sony, you can have a look of Sony Xperia Pro-I

Why Elon Musk reply his customers in Twitter?

All we know is that Tesla founder Elon Musk has always been active on Twitter. Quickly responds to questions and comments from other Netizens, including customers of his electric cars and electric vehicle enthusiasts. Elon Musk has been commenting on things that are going viral on the internet at the same time. Furthermore twitter account of one of the world’s richest person Elon Musk works as Tesla’s corporation liason. As a result, Elon’s recent response to a customer’s question has become yet another example of his prompt and dedication. Lets have a look of why he reply his customers.

Elon’s Twitter service:

The South Korean Tesla Model 3 car owner has questioned Elon Musk on Twitter, saying “ he could not connect his iPhone to the system of his electric compact sedan“, which is currently a global problem. Elon Musk, who responded in just 3 minutes, was the first to say, “Checking …”.

Within the next few minutes, there was an update on this complaint. He stated in the second response log that the server was down and that he had posted the source of the problem in the Tesla application at the time. The South Korean customer was astounded to receive such a prompt response, especially from Tesla’s CEO, and responded, “Thank you, Elon”. Elon Musk’s activities have piqued the interest of many Internet users all around the world.

They are expressing gratitude for this. In fact, on November 19, there was a software issue with Tesla vehicles in many countries. So, the vast majority of Tesla electric car customers are unable to connect their vehicles to the processor provided solely by Tesla. Is anyone else here? Who doesn’t appreciate Brand’s fast service?. And as a brand, this is how you establish an emotional connection with your customers.

Responsible CEO ever:

After learning that Elon Musk would be active on Twitter, some of these Tesla car owners began tweeting questions to him. Some of these questions were also addressed by Elon. The discussion above is just one of many that have gone viral. So some of you may be wondering, “What’s the point of mentioning?” It is not as easy as a busy entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Elon Musk has no need to respond to these concerns; his customer care team will handle them, but He has no qualms about apologizing for any issues with the company’s production.

Why should he do this? 

We all know how most prestigious people react to interactions with their customers. But here Elon proved that he is different indeed we can think of some questions. Here are some of my own questions for why would he do this 

Is this for publicity of the company? 

More than 80 % of social media users know about tesla. Tesla’s reach is almost magical that everyone knows every project of Tesla only just because all they do is something others think impossible. These ideas alone will reach people. With these projects, he doesn’t need to reach people by replying on Twitter for his companies fame, Nah ! he is the one who tweets “Tesla Stock price is too high” and the stock had fallen.

Is this for his own good name? 

This may be for his namesake but as far as all we know Elon is the kind of person who doesn’t give a shit about what others think of him in the process of reaching his own vision. And we could see the results.

Maybe a hobby? 

Elon Musk is an active Twitter user as he comments on most of the global issues and never stays silent for controversy about him/elsewhere. Twitter users know he responds to most of the tweets pointed at him. But if it’s just a re-tweet this applies but he analyzed the customer’s complaint took time for it and rectified it. Why would he go through all of that? 

Leading in customer service as one of the Priority:

In a survey, A companies that can provide satisfactory customer service, Tesla ranks first in the world. This is due to Tesla’s constant desire to meet the needs of its customers as soon as possible.

Tesla net worth and deals:

The total market asset value of Tesla was disclosed at the end of last October. According to data, Tesla’s total assets have surpassed $1 trillion, but the company has yet to enter the Indian car market. Hertz, a US rental car company, recently signed a deal with Tesla to purchase 1 million electric vehicles.

The deal between Tesla and Hertz is reportedly worth $ 4 million. All these 1 lakh cars are Model 3 electric sedan, model

Tesla share market hike:

In the United States, the Tesla Model 3 electric car costs $ 40,000. The fact that Tesla’s assets have surpassed $1 trillion is good news for Tesla shareholders. This is because Tesla’s stock price has risen 13 percent as a result of the new agreement, and it now stands at $1,024.86.

Meeting with Elon may be the Key:

However we never know the answer for why? and None of this matters him, Elon is the only one who can answer these questions because everyone has their own perspective for matters. I shared questions and justification of my perspective and hope to write your perspective in the comment

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Tesla Bot !!! Tesla into a new revolution

Tesla has created a humanoid-sized sentient robot. Elon Musk unveiled this in the Tesla AI day presentation. The so-called “Tesla Bot” is a concept for a sleek, 125-pound humanoid robot that will use Tesla’s artificial intelligence and autopilot capabilities to plan and follow routes, handle traffic (in this case, pedestrians), and avoid obstructions. When you hear it, the first thing that comes to mind is probably, “Why Tesla of all companies?” Second, why, of all things, is a robot-human? Let’s dive into it.

Why Tesla?

Tesla is a software firm that is noted for its high-end, top-of-the-line and advanced systems. Because their software advantage and everything they do with the software in their cars is so crucial to them. It’s as if they’re a software firm that also makes electric vehicles. So, in comparison to the Mercedes, the Audi, or the BMW’s of the world, I would never classify those firms as software companies, but that is Tesla’s biggest edge.

Why Humanoid robot?

The key goal, the purpose of this Tesla Bot, the thing that they kept saying on stage during the presentation and during Q&As when they were asked about it, was that it would be able to conduct repetitive, risky, or boring work so that humans wouldn’t have to. Kind of silly don’t u think? Even though this is all we got from Tesla about Tesla Bot.


Tesla Bot – It is a Humanoid robot with a White body and a Black face with a display on it. It’s a 5’8, 125 pounds, sleek-looking like black and white human-shaped robot with this face mask, with the screen on it. It’s got hands with, you know, full 10 fingers. It’s got feet, but with no toes. Also accompanied by lots and lots of cameras and sensors.

Tesla Bot capabilities

Musk claims that the Tesla Bot will not be able to overpower or outrun humans. It can walk at a speed of 5 mph (8.04 km/hr), which is perfectly fine and manageable for any regular person. The robot will be capable of carrying 45 pounds (20.4 kg), deadlifting 150 pounds (68 kg), and lifting up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg). AI-enabled autopilot cameras, FSD computers, multi-cam video neural networks, auto-labeling, simulation and tools, and DOJO training will all be included in the Tesla Bot requirements. All of these concepts are currently incomprehensible to us because Tesla has yet to explain how they will be used on the Bot.

“It’s intended to be friendly” – Musk jocked

ELon musk

What can it do for you?

  • Tesla Bot is a robot that is programmed to undertake “risky, monotonous, or dull” jobs.
  • Tesla’s robot is one of the first non-automotive applications of the company’s cutting-edge robotics technology, which it is going to use in its self-driving cars.
  • Tesla Bot will incorporate Tesla’s automotive artificial intelligence and autopilot technologies to plan and follow routes, navigate traffic.

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Pegasus 50,000 phone numbers including Indian Bigshots linked to Israeli spyware

Top Indian Politicians, journalists & even celebrities with up to 50,000 phone numbers are fear of being linked with Pegasus Spyware | Overall risk 98%

According to revelations published Sunday, an Israeli corporation accused of supplying governments with Pegasus spyware has been linked to a list of 50,000 smartphone numbers from around the world, including activists, journalists, corporate executives, and politicians.
Since at least 2016, when researchers accused Israel’s NSO Group of assisting in the spying on a dissident in the United Arab Emirates, the company and its Pegasus virus have been in the news.

The revelations on Sunday pose privacy and rights concerns and reveal the far-reaching extent to which the private Israeli firm’s software may be misappropriated by its clients around the world.

Since at least 2016, when researchers accused Israel’s NSO Group of assisting in the spying on a dissident in the United Arab Emirates, the company and its Pegasus virus have been in the news.

Pegasus Data Leak

The Washington Post, the Guardian, Le Monde, and other news organizations collaborated on an investigation into a data breach and reported on the extent of Pegasus’ use.

According to media reports, a list of more than 50,000 smartphone numbers believed to have been recognized as people of interest by NSO clients during 2016 was leaked.

According to the Post, 15,000 of the names on the list were from Mexico and included politicians, union leaders, journalists, and government critics. The number of a Mexican freelance journalist who was killed at a carwash was purportedly included on the list. His phone was never located, and it’s unclear whether it was hacked.

Indian victims

The list included 300 cell phone numbers used in India, including those of government ministers, opposition politicians, journalists, scientists, and human rights campaigners, according to the Indian investigative news website The Wire.

More than 40 Indian journalists from major publications such as the Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and the Indian Express, as well as two founding editors of The Wire, were among those whose numbers were released, according to the report.

The Indian government denied in 2019 that it had used the malware to spy on its citizens after WhatsApp filed a lawsuit in the United States against NSO, accusing it of using the messaging platform to conduct cyber espionage.

A Pocket Spy

The numbers on the list are unattributed, according to the Post, but the media outlets involved in the initiative were able to identify over 1,000 people in more than 50 nations.

Several members of Arab royal families were at least 65 corporate leaders, 85 human rights activists, 189 journalists, and over 600 politicians and government officials, including presidents of state, prime ministers, and cabinet ministers. Many of the numbers on the list were claimed to be centered in ten countries: Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, according to sources.

According to the research, Moroccan security services used spyware to target roughly 30 French journalists and media executives.

Pegasus is said to be a highly intrusive program that can turn on a target’s phone camera and microphone as well as access data, basically turning the phone into a pocket spy.

Pegasus used by Saudi Arabia

Pegasus software, which is sold to foreign governments under a license from the Israeli government, aided Saudi Arabia in spying on Jamal Kashoggi, who was ultimately assassinated in Turkey.

Pegasus was also used to eavesdrop on Jeff Bezos after Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, exchanged conversations with him that exploited previously unknown WhatsApp vulnerabilities.

NSO Stated

Pegasus was created by NSO Group, an Israeli technology firm. NSO issued a denial on Sunday that focused on the report by Forbidden Stories, calling it “full of wrong assumptions and uncorroborated theories,” and threatened a defamation lawsuit.

“We firmly deny the false allegations made in their report,” NSO said.

“As NSO previously said, our technology was not linked to the horrible murder of Jamal Khashoggi in any way,” the business claimed.

Project Pegasus

A leak of a list of over 50,000 phone numbers believed to have been identified as those of people of interest by clients of NSO since 2016 became available to Paris-based media nonprofit organization Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International. In what has been dubbed “Project Pegasus,” they shared the information with seventeen news media organizations, and a months-long investigation was conducted, with results released in mid-July 2021.

The Guardian (UK), Radio France and Le Monde (France), Die Zeit (Germany), The Washington Post (USA), Haaretz/TheMarker (Israel), Süddeutsche Zeitung, Aristegui Noticias, Proceso, OCCRP, Knack, Le Soir, The Wire, Daraj, Direkt36 (Hungary), and PBS Frontline were among the 80 journalists who took part in the Pegasus Project. Many phones with numbers on the list had been targeted by Pegasus spyware, according to evidence.

Disclaimer: This article provides coverage of a current occurrence. As the event progresses, information may change quickly, and initial news reports may be unreliable. This article’s most recent updates may not reflect the most up-to-date information.

Why Pegasus Spyware is Trending & scares the Globe?

The most recent and concerning issue in the world is that of “Pegasus Spyware.” Whereas it involves senior authorities, international leaders, journalists, and so on. Most significantly, leaders are concerned about cyber attacks on their mobile phones, thus some of them are replacing phones for safety & security reasons.. Alarmingly, the world’s governments are putting up a plan to eliminate the Pegasus malware.

So in this Article we will explain you about these issue with Short and crisp explanations without any technical words to to ensure that everyone is familiar with and aware of them.

Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus is a spyware program created by the Israeli cyber arms company NSO Group that can be installed secretly on mobile phones (and other devices) running most versions of iOS and Android. According to the 2021 Project Pegasus leaks, existing Pegasus malware can hack all recent iOS versions up to iOS 14.6.

Pegasus, according to the Washington Post and other prominent media sources, not only enables keystroke monitoring of all communications from a phone (texts, emails, web searches), but it also enables phone call and location tracking, as well as allowing NSO Group to hijack both the mobile phone’s microphone and camera, effectively turning it into a constant surveillance device.

Discovery of Pagasus Spyware

In August 2016, Pegasus’ iOS hack was discovered. Ahmed Mansoor, an Arab human rights campaigner, received a text message promising “secrets” concerning torture in UAE jails if he clicked on a link.

Mansoor forwarded the link to Citizen Lab, which investigated with the help of Lookout and discovered that if Mansoor had followed the link, his phone would have been jailbroken and spyware installed, a kind of social engineering.  The attack was related to the NSO Group, according to Citizen Lab.

How it works?

The spyware can be installed on iOS and Android devices that are running certain versions of Apple’s mobile operating system. Rather than being a single attack, Pegasus is a collection of exploits that use various system flaws. Clicking links, the Photos app, the Apple Music app, and iMessage are all potential infection vectors. Some of Pegasus’ exploits are zero-click, meaning they can operate without the victim’s involvement.

Pegasus has been said to be able to run arbitrary code, harvest contacts, call logs, messages, images, web browsing history, settings, and gather information from apps such as iMessage, Gmail, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype once it has been installed.

Hacker with computer

What happening with Android (Chrysaor)?

Researchers disclosed that Pegasus spyware was accessible for Android as well as iOS during Kaspersky Lab’s 2017 Security Analyst Summit; Google refers to the Android version as Chrysaor, the winged horse Pegasus’ sibling. It has similar functionality to the iOS version, but it attacks in a different way. If it fails to get root access (equivalent to jailbreaking in iOS), the Android version asks the user for permissions that allow it to gather at least some data. Only a few Android smartphones were affected at the time, according to Google.

What would Pegasus do if it is unable to interact?

If Pegasus is unable to interact with its command-and-control server for more than 60 days, or if it is on the wrong device, it hides as much as possible and self-destructs in an attempt to destroy evidence. This is something Pegasus can do on-demand as well.

Problem with Pegasus spyware

Pegasus is a contemporary issue in spying around the world, affecting many World leaders & also Indian politicians, journalists, activists, and bureaucrats. Spyware has been connected to 50,000 phone lines around the world.

People fear on Pegasus spyware:

Until recently, reports indicate that this software has targeted primarily higher-level officials, journalists, and other politicians, but not many ordinary individuals throughout the world. However, some are concerned that if even the world’s top leaders are vulnerable to spyware attacks, how can ordinary individuals be safe?

Some are concerned that if Spyware penetrates the social media platforms that we all use on a daily basis, it will make our lives much more dangerous than they have been in the past. People are frightened of their savings because most of our bank accounts are now connected with mobile phones and applications.We expect that Sonner this risk of Pegasus spyware will be diffused and risk free environment will be appear without any alarming issues around us.

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We hope that we have given you short and concise information that will help you understand the current issue with spyware that is circulating around us.

  • If you have any questions about this spyware, please feel free to ask us and our team will respond to your questions as soon as possible.
  • If you require more in-depth information, please leave a comment below or connect with us directly on Social platforms where we are active.


SpaceX vs Blue Origin: Plans and Complications

As a space technology enthusiast, the Most Googled term on space is SpaceX vs Blue Origin. The probe & complications are too hot to know: Shepard, Glenn, Falcon9

As a space technology enthusiast, the word “recent private Rocket firms” is a commonly searched term on Google. Both Space X and Blue Origin have lately gained popularity as a result of their ambitious ambitions and high success rates. So we’ve provided you one of the phrases that have been trending on Google, which is SpaceX vs Blue Origin, along with their key ambitions and contrasts.

Blue origin is frequently dismissed as a clone of SpaceX, which achieves far less, and the negative image that is often associated with Jeff Bezos doesn’t help the company’s case either. But what exactly is blue origin working on, what are their plans for space, and how much progress have they made? Well, to begin with, We have their new Shepard rocket, which is a relatively small rocket at just 60 feet tall, or about one-fourth the height of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. Technically, if the new Shepard booster had landed in 2015, Blue Origin would become the first company to land a rocket booster safely but Prior to this, SpaceX had already completed successful landings using their boosters, but Blue origin hadn’t yet succeeded in landing a rocket booster safely.

SpaceX vs Blue Origin: Rockets

The rocket’s masses are vastly different. Blue Origin has not announced the mass of their New Shepherd rocket, but given that it is just a quarter the height of Falcon 9, it is expected to be much lighter. Furthermore, the new shepherd’s rockets begin returning to Earth much sooner than the boosters of Falcon 9. The boosters of the new Shepard begin to descend at 100 kilometers in altitude, whereas the boosters of the falcon 9 do not begin to descend until 200 kilometers in altitude.

As a result, the Falcon 9 booster is not only much heavier, but it is also traveling much faster. The new Shepard reaches speeds of up to Mach 3 during its flight, whereas the Falcon 9 reaches speeds of between Mach 5.5 and Mach 7 before its booster starts to descend with all that being said SpaceX’s landings are much more difficult as musk pointed out but new Shepard’s booster landings are quite impressive.

Space tourism: SpaceX vs Blue Origin

Blue origin:

Nonetheless, aside from being fully reusable the New Shepherd is expected to help start the space tourism business, their capsule has a volume of 15 cubic meters or 530 cubic feet and it is expected to fit up to six people at a time the entire flight is only expected to last 11 minutes with about 4 being above the Karman line or in space ticket prices are estimated to be about 200 thousand dollars, as a result, the most direct competitor to the service would, of course, be virgin galactic space tourism tickets also come in at $200 000 to 250 000.

They also only provide a couple of minutes of space-time so the ticket price and space-time value are quite similar however the vastly different launch and landing systems will likely sway customers to prefer one or the other currently new Shepard has completed seven successful tests flights mostly just carrying research equipment blue origin was originally planning to launch a crew test flight using the new Shepard by the end of 2020 but that has since been pushed back considering that the rocket does seem to be breathing through its test flights.


The Dear Moon project is being developed by SpaceX. For the purpose of launching a space tourism enterprise. To learn more, please visit our other blog dedicated to the DEAR MOON project and other SpaceX-related topics. Also, we answered the top three frequently asked questions about Starlink so you can learn more about it; have a look at them.

Blue origin – Next plan

It’s just a matter of time until they get too crude flights likely in 2021 or 2022 moving on from the new Shepard. we have blue origin’s upcoming new Glen rocket, the new Glenn is a much more large-scale rocket coming in at about 95 meters. It still falls about 20 meters short of SpaceX’s upcoming starship rocket but it’s no doubt a behemoth consequently the new Glenn has a payload capacity of 45 metric tons to low earth orbit and 13 metric tons to geostationary transfer orbit they also claim that new glen’s 7-meter fairing provides twice the payload volume of any existing launch vehicle today and the new Glenn booster is expected to be able to last 25 launches.

Blue origin – Funding

A good portion of new Glenn was being funded by the air force. Blue origin had won a 500 million contract from the air force in October of 2018 which was supposed to be spread over the next six years. But, in august of 2020, the air force would select the united launch alliance and SpaceX to provide the air force with launches over the next five years.

Unfortunately for blue origin, the 500 million dollar contract specified that blue origin must remain a chosen launch provider for the air force to continue receiving payouts obviously given jeff Bezos’s wealth and willingness to splurge on the blue origin the development of new Glenn is in no jeopardy due to this decision.

However I’m sure the principle that the air force chose SpaceX and over blue origin was a downer for the company so far the company has invested 2.5 billion dollars into the development of new Glenn and they do have a couple of customers lined up such as teleset, OneWeb and sky perfect anyways looking forward blue origin still plans on launching the new glen for the first time.

Blue moon Project: Collaburated with NASA

The next major project of Blue origin is the Blue moon. The blue moon is liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen fueled moon lander that comes in at 15 metric tons when fully loaded with fuel aside from this the blue moon is designed to be able to deliver a solid 3.6 metric tons to the lunar surface.

They’re also expected to have a larger variant as well which will be capable of carrying up to 6.5 metric tons before delving into crude moon missions the blue moon is expected to be used on a variety of different research experiments on the lunar surface the blue moon is even capable of releasing small satellites into orbit around the moon.

So this all about the main course of SpaceX vs Bluemoon, Hope you enjoy reading. we are providing you a series of technology-related articles as a whole and this is the one in the Space technology category. So if you are interested in Space and technology please let us know so that we can connect and share thoughts via comments or Social media pages that are given in the sidebar, you can make use of it.

Why we have been lied about 5G? | 5G vs Starlink

What if I told you that we are been lied to with 5G? is it serious? will mobile price hike if 5G initiates? Yes of course but why?.5G vs Starlink?

This Article may be a controversial one. Before going through I have a question for you, what if I said that: You’re being lied to? for something big. It’s when a new service or a new forthcoming piece of technology is pushed to death when it honestly doesn’t make that much of a difference in our everyday lives, which is why we have things like 5G or T-mobile’s which is slower.

It’s just a repetitive marketing term that we see and thinks “oh, that means I get faster Internet speeds” even if you don’t even if you end up paying more for the phone because it has 5G support, and pretty much all carriers are guilty of trying to trick people into either paying more for their phone or their data plan to have access to faster internet.

However, we know that the majority of what people do on their phones for entertainment and socializing purposes, such as watching YouTube videos, browsing Twitter, and checking Instagram, are all things that regular 4G is capable of, and if you ever have issues with cellular data not being able to do those things on your phone, it is a coverage issue, not a speed issue. We’re usually stuck with this 5G technology that doesn’t make much of a difference.

Why 5G booming Mobile prices

We know 5g is advertised to help with autonomous vehicles and allow doctors to perform surgeries remotely, but that won’t happen until we figure out How to make 5g penetrate buildings, and we can’t even get high-performance 5G to penetrate trees yet, so I’d say all of that is going to take a while given that the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road don’t even have 5G modems. Just look at Qualcomm: they’re requiring the snapdragon 865 chip in all of the Galaxy S20 series to use 5G modems, which means that the price of all of the parts goes up, and the price for sure will be passed on to the end-user.

Samsung is tied to that contract with Qualcomm. In other words, Qualcomm basically runs the modem business for smartphones. They’re pretty much requiring all new smartphones that come to the US to have 5g support, which is driving up the price. Is anyone asking for more than a gigabit on a phone? Not really the counts go high may be only a few. But why people who never asked for it?


Meanwhile, most of us may hear of Starlink and some may not. So, this is not a fictional movie word this is one of the projects of Elon Musk and it is engineered by SpaceX. The world-leading private space station. we are making separate series for Space technology so you can make use of it.

What is Starlink:

For those of you who don’t know, star link is an Internet service that will be hosted by SpaceX, a business that enjoys finding methods to make rocket launches cheaper by reusing what they call the Falcon 9 rocket and having it land back on Earth. They’ve caught quite a few of them. SpaceX engineers are redesigning it better than others to bring its highest efficiency.

They’ve all achieved their main goal, which is to get into a specific altitude and not geo sync to orbit, so Starling satellites will be working at a much lower altitude than traditional satellite internet, which usually companies like HughesNet use one or two satellites that they all point to and you get very poor internet performance and very bad latency. Click here to visit our other blog To learn more about Starlink & the three most important questions asked for Starlink.

So Why Starlink isn’t Famous than 5G?

Let’s start with the fact that a lot of people aren’t aware of StarLink. Because of some conditions, Firstly Starlink doesn’t waste billions of dollars a year for advertising and selling it, They believe in their product Outcome. Secondly, StarLink isn’t completely ready yet. However, 5g is advertised in the same way that Halloween is advertised. Posters and advertisement wallpapers all over the cities and it’s unlikely to arrive for a long time.

Why Starlink superior than 5G?

Traditional satellite Internet has very poor latency between 150 and 250 milliseconds whereas StarLink internet is hoping to be around 10 to 50 milliseconds which is much better than any other internet provider. In my perception, I think we should signup for Starlink as soon as they are in the market because a lot of cable providers have monopolies on huge portions of not just the US, but other parts of the world now I know there’s some of you out there right now thinking I pay four dollars a month for Internet and I get to terabits a second yeah. Be aware that, if you’re in a densely populated area that means that ISPs can run a very low amount of cable and provide service to a lot of people.

Also lot of countries that are much more spread out than places like Japan and South Korea, which are known for having very fast internet, but that’s because a lot of people are close together there, so they can run low amounts of cable to maximise profits. That can’t be done everywhere because the population isn’t always so densely populated, but StarLink solves that problem because it’s literally StarLink solves that problem since it’s basically like, “Are you on planet Earth?” Yes, then aim the device at the sky and bam, you’ll be able to receive up to a gigabit. Even if it’s not a gigabit, I still think this would be remarkable.

Starlink in action!!!

StarLink has already shown promising results in early access testing. The Air Force was testing StarLink on aircraft and was able to pull in over 600 megabits per second in a plane flying through the sky, so you can imagine how much easier it will be when you’re just kind of planted on the ground. StarLink is still in early testing, so the more satellites that are sent up, the better. Elon Musk has already sent out tweets over StarLink Internet, and they’re planning to deploy it later this year, which means within a few months for North America, and then in 2021 for the rest of the world.

Conclusion: Starlink wins over 5G

StarLink will provide high-speed Wi-Fi no matter where you are on the planet at an affordable price point, allowing us to finally knock out all of these ISPs that have a monopoly on the location they’re servicing, and they haven’t wasted billions of dollars on marketing because they’re not stupid and aren’t trying to scam you. That’s why many don’t know it, therefore I utilize my platform to spread the word since it is worthy of credit to StarLink; it reinvents the industry. This is why many people don’t know it. The entire basis of 5G is built on deception.

Clearly differentiated image of 5G vs Starlink

This is all about the 5G thing that can be avoided. So have you get your insights, Comment your thoughts and doubts we would like to hear from you.

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Do you know: What Amazon planned with NASA? (Project: Blue Moon)

Do you know Amazon planned to build a spaceship with artificial gravity and other features similar to those seen in movies? 
 Amazon and NASA are collaborating on Project Blue Moon

Hey there!, Happy to see you, In this blog, we will learn the foundations of what Amazon has planned with Nasa in this Space Tech series. We are delighted to welcome you to our social media pages, where you can interact with other technology enthusiasts and stay up to speed on the latest technology releases from leading firms.

Amazon’s: Blue Origin, LLC is an American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company. NASA is planning on using Blue origin’s project Blue moon is to return people to the moon in 2024. Let’s take a deep look at their plans.

Amazon: Blue moon project

Before delving into crude moon missions, the blue moon’s New shepard rocket is a liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen fueled moon lander that weighs in at 15 metric tonnes when fully loaded with fuel. Apart from that, the New shepard is designed to deliver a solid 3.6 metric tonnes to the lunar surface. They’re also expected to have a larger variant capable of carrying up to 6.5 metric tons. The blue moon shepard rocket is intended to be employed on a range of lunar surface research activities; it can launch tiny satellites into orbit around the moon after many of these research operations have been completed. The regular shepard rocket is only designed to make one ray troops to the moon to maximize the payload volume however the larger variant will also carry sufficient fuel as well as an ascent module to enable round trips to the moon the blue moon’s New shepard rocket is expected to be used in conjunction with the new Glenn.

NASA – Blue moon Project

NASA is also planning to make use of these Shepard rockets. NASA’s current plan is to return people to the moon in 2024 using its upcoming space launch system. Given that the space launch system itself is still in the early stages of development, the plan is to use the new shepard rocket to land astronauts on the moon rather than building their own new lunar landing system.

Amazon Long term goal – Blue origin

Blue Origin’s long-term ambitions, Blue Origin believes in constructing a lunar base and maybe a lunar colony, however, their main goal is not space colonization, though they are enthusiastic about it.

According to Blue Origin’s mission website, their objective is to maintain Earth while tapping into space’s limitless resources and energy. Jeff Bezos believes that earth is by far the best planet and as a result, we should focus on staying on and preserving earth while using space and other planets to better serve us, rather than trying to live there. As I said, though he is all for space colonization. He doesn’t think it’s a top priority. According to him “the largest threat to human advancement and innovation is not an existential threat like a meteor destroying earth or something like that but rather an energy crisis.

We will run out of energy, It’s just arithmetic,

It’s going to happen!!!

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos – Explanation: Why?

He explains that our bodies are as efficient as 100 watt light bulbs despite this as a society the average person living in western countries consumes about 11 000 watts or the same energy needed to sustain 110 humans as the energy demand in western countries continues to grow and developing countries catch up. He believes that we will have to resort to energy rationing; as a result, he believes that the solution to this problem is to expand energy production into space. This may entail erecting large solar panels in space or on nearby planets; these solar panels will store their produced energy on battery devices. which will be transported back and forth this of course requires that the energy produced by such solar panels far exceeds the energy consumed in transporting energy to the earth currently our solar technology is nowhere near enough to reasonably offset the energy consumed by rocket launches but a few decades in the future this vision might actually make sense.

Aside from this Jeff Bezos also feels that another important problem on the planet is air pollution, which must be addressed in addition to switching as many companies as possible to renewable energy. At the end of the day, he believes that businesses that cannot be transformed should be relocated to space. Blue Origin is currently working on making their new Shepard rocket ready for crude missions concurrently they’re also looking to finish the development of the new Glenn and the blue moon to expedite the journey in setting up a lunar base long term though they hope to offset the energy and pollution crisis on earth by moving energy production and manufacturing into space and that’s the state of blue origin today.

“Do you guys agree that energy constraints will turn into a large-scale problem in the future“? What will be your view? Let us connect in the comments.

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How to make money on Instagram? 2021

Did you know: How to make money on Instagram for free, if you have these criteria. Anyone can make money by using these Given ways&Get your first passive income.

Hello there,! We’ll go over how to make money on Instagram in great detail. We are excited to launch a series of making money online this blog is one of those parts of making money via Instagram. Let’s get through it, we know that social media is a great platform for making money with just a phone and an internet connection. However, most of us use Instagram for entertainment, did you know you can make a lot of money on Instagram, and I’m going to show you how? and How much Insta will help you pay you?.

According to buffer, influencers with 10000 followers or less are receiving the best results for businesses, so if you’ve ever thought maybe I can do that too, you definitely can, you only have to choose whether you want to represent your own brand or a partner’s brand. Let me answer some of the

Most commonly asked questions regarding how to make money on Instagram.

  • How many followers do you need in order to make money on Instagram?
  • How much do influencers actually make?
  • What are the best ways you can start making money on Instagram?
  • How to charge as an influencer?
  • How do you start making partnerships with brands?

How many followers do you need in order to make money on Instagram?

According to a recent study micro-influencers or accounts with 10,000 or fewer followers will make around 88 dollars per post-mid-tier influencers or accounts with ten thousand to a hundred thousand followers will charge around two hundred dollars per post. Top-level influencers or influencers with a hundred thousand to a million followers can charge approximately 670 dollars for each post however they can charge much more when you get to this level the numbers tend to vary the reason that these numbers are not set in stone is that there are a few factors that come into play. The niche that you’re in will define how much competition you’ll be up against and how much money you could potentially make some very profitable but also very competitive niches are fitness, beauty, health, business, and travel if you’re not trying to compete you can always dominate a low competition niche in Instagram.

So How to make money on Instagram with huge followers?

For example: Nicole McLaughlin remixes clothing and turns them into art pieces and she has close to half a million followers.

How much money you charge will depend on how engaged your followers are the reason for this is because brands want to see a return on investment. So, if you have a hundred thousand fake followers you won’t be able to provide any real value for brands keep in mind that it’s not only the size and reach of your Instagram account that brands want, it’s also your audience’s trust and engagement with your content as well. This is due to the fact that you give access to a niche with a large broad range of potential customers, which is something that companies want and are ready to pay for.

How much do influencers actually make?

How much money you can actually make like in any industry and any job there’s a range of what you can actually make. Marketers are willing to pay one cent per follower so let’s say you have 5 000 followers you could potentially charge fifty dollars per post. You should know that pricing will depend on creative mandates, timeline production costs, and usage rates. Now if you’re wondering How top Instagrammers make thousands and thousands of dollars on the content that they make. Let this keep you motivated as you grow your account and let it be something to reach for.

What are the best ways you can start making money on Instagram?

Let’s brainstorm a few ways that you can make money on Instagram you can work with brands on sponsored posts you can become an affiliate you can open your own online store or you can do all of these things at once.So, starting with the most popular option, you may charge brands a price for sponsored material on your feed or in your stories, and you and the brands will come to an agreement concerning exclusivity, such as

  • How much content you produce
  • The wording that you’re using in the actual content itself
  • How much money is at play

There are numerous options: The contract may also require you to include a specific call to action, such as a link in your bio that goes to the brand’s website. Becoming an affiliate is another way to generate money. Affiliates differ from influencers in that affiliates are more interested in making sales for their brand partners rather than simply raising brand awareness. This is typically done with a promo code or a trackable link to indicate that the sales are coming from you in order to get connected with brands that are looking for affiliates. You might look into affiliate markets such as Clickbank incentive and Amazon Associates. Reviewing items is the ultimate form of affiliate marketing; to make this work, evaluate things that you and your audience would be interested in hearing about.

How to charge as an influencer?

When you’re working with a brand there are two main ways to price your posts.

1) For sponsored posts you can charge a flat fee per post

The best thing you can do for yourself is to value your efforts and set a fixed pricing each article based on the ROI-Return on investment that you generate for brands. Assuming there is transparency, you’ll want to be as involved in the results as possible. For example, if you’re charging $50 per post and the brand makes $10,000 in sales, if you want to renegotiate your rates for affiliate posts, you’ll charge a cost per sale, which usually comes in the form of a percentage of the sale and a commission can be anywhere from $5 to $30.

2) Pay per lead

If you set up a pay-per-lead pricing model, you will be paid a flat price every time a lead completes the desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter, filling out a contact form, or signing up for a free trial. Finally, you may charge a pay-per-click fee, which means you get paid for every client you send to a brand’s website.

How do you start making partnership with brands?

You may contact them personally to attempt to work out a contract, or you can advertise yourself on influencer marketplaces such as Fohr, Crowdtap, and IndaHash to be noticed and begin developing relationships.


Fohr is a marketplace where you can create an influencer card with a list of all your social profiles for brands to check out when they’re shopping around for partnerships or you can access a list of brands and their wants in order to take initiative and start reaching out.


Crowdtap is great for smaller accounts you can do small content creation tasks to earn rewards. However, this is only available to people that are in the US.


IndaHash is where brands post campaigns for you to participate in a post a picture and use the specified hashtags and get paid however you’re going to need at least 700 engaged followers in order to be eligible for the programs.

When it comes to sponsored content but in order to respect your audience’s trust use hashtag add or hashtag sponsored on your posts check out what other Instagrammers are doing by searching hashtag sponsored. Instagram also has a paid partnership tag that calls out sponsored posts some brands might require you to do this in order to disclose your relationship with them.

Other Ways to become financial freedom

In this area, we are creating some reliable resources for generating money online. If you are a newbie and want to learn more about investing and trading, you may visit.:

Some of the listed top contents are: When to Buy a Stock? & How to Become a Pro-Trader?

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