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Dear Moon Project: Elon musk’s Starship

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Elon Musk is well-known for his futuristic plans and objectives. All of his businesses, including Starlink, Starship, and SpaceX’s Mars mission, were built upon future ideas. People will be able to embark on space tourism in a few years as technology advances to some extra expensive tips. Space tourism is facilitated by a starship that is built by SpaceX. Simply stated, SpaceX is developing the Starship system, which is a completely reusable, two-stage-to-orbit super heavy-lift launch vehicle. Let’s dive into the “Dear Moon project”.

What is Dear Moon Project

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese millionaire, created and funded the dear moon project, a lunar tourist mission, and an art initiative. It will employ a SpaceX Starship on a private trip around the Moon on a single circumlunar route. Maezawa, eight civilians, and one or two crew members will be among the passengers.

Dear Moon Project elon musk plans

Launch of Dear Moon Project

On February 27, 2017, SpaceX announced that they will be flying two space tourists around the Moon on a free-return route. The Crew Dragon 2 capsule was supposed to be used for this mission, which was supposed to launch in late 2018. Any trip would serve as technological development for SpaceX’s future aspirations to populate Mars, in addition to being a source of revenue for the firm.

But unfortunately, The Crew Dragon 2 capsule was still under development at the time of the 2017 announcement. Because of the variations in flight profiles between the intended lunar mission and its primary purpose for personnel transport to space stations circling Earth, the capsule was expected to require modifications.

In February 2018, SpaceX revealed that Starship would be used to fly lunar missions.

Later, on September 14, 2018, SpaceX revealed that the previously contracted passenger will be launched on Starship in 2023 for a fly by the Moon, for the “DEAR MOON project”

Crew aboard

The starship will feature a 1,000 m3 (35,000 cu ft) pressurized capacity, huge communal spaces, central storage, a galley, and a solar storm shelter.

Maezawa extends a formal invitation to Chazelle to join him on his dearMoon project, making him the first person to be publicly invited. Chazelle, on the other hand, said he needed to think about it and talk to his wife about it. we never get to know the information’s about who are all accompanying us on the trip.


Maezawa thinks that this voyage i.e. Dear Moon Project will inspire the artists to create new work, which will be displayed once they return to Earth. He also hopes that this initiative will contribute to world peace.

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