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Do you know how safe is Google’s security system?

Did you ever wonder how Google keeps our data safe and How Google’s security system works? Let us get into this

Did you ever wonder how Google keeps our data safe and How the Google security system works? We all know that Google is what we can never take out of our life. We use google’s various services in day-to-day life, so we all have our data stored in Google’s large storage space (Google cloud). Most of us trust Google for keeping our secrets more than our girlfriend/boyfriend. That’s how we trust and use google cloud in our day-to-day life. 

So Have you ever questioned yourself: 

  • How safe our data is? 
  • How big the Google Security system? 
  • Is there safe worth our trust? 

Of course-yes, However, We can speak about Google’s security firewall system all day long. Since it takes detailed info & viewpoint, let’s see that in another blog post. Today, let’s know about How is – Google’s PHYSICAL SECURITY system in their Data center’s.

We can create storage space in google cloud even though we couldn’t afford a safe locker in our house, Anyone can create one so how does google security system work.

Remarkable Google data center has 6 layers of protection to keep safe our data and let’s give a detailed look at all SIX of them.

Layer 1 with google’s security system(Physical)

The first layer refers here is Property boundaries. Every data center Is protected with a large ground cover as the first line of defense with their smart fencing and cameras. They have cameras all over their fencing that includes Night vision cameras and Thermal sensing cameras. Google refers to their fences as Anti-climbing fences because of their structure and they are made up of fiber technology which allows them to detect. meanwhile, if someone touches or if someone Try to reach the fence It alerts the whole security system of that unusual activity, which is outstanding.

surveillance system -Google's security system

Layer 2 with Google’s Secure Perimeter security system

Secondly, Layer 2 is where we can see the joint force of both man and technology. In the second layer, we have Overlapping cameras and a smart fence. The moment you entered the area they know who you are and they make a correlation analysis of where have you been, which means every camera tracks your activity from the beginning to the end. They have men both on vehicles and ground. An interesting thing is that the whole security of these centers will run 24*7 for the whole 365 days

There’s also Vehicle crash barriers which is designed to stop a fully loaded truck From crashing through the front entrance. If you’re starting to think this enough let’s move to 3rd layer.

armed force-googles security system

Layer 3 with Google’s IRIS SCAN security system

After these 2 layersThe next one starts with Google’s secure lobby which is their 3rd layer of security where you’re Identity card is checked with an Iris scan to make sure it is you on that specific Identity card. Anyway, Iris scan isn’t easy to fool. Google made their doors with high security, It’s like only one person can pass through a door at a time for some safety purpose. This reflects that you are always watched by security cameras all around you.

Google's security system-Iris scanner

Layer 4 with SOC-Google’s security System

4th Layer includes the Security Operational Center aka SOC which is a hive of activity that is monitoring the data center as we told before 24*7 for 365 days a year. Each and every Door, Camera, Badge reader’s and Iris scanner is connected to SOC as it is called the Brain of security systems. 

Googles SOC security system-4

Layer 5 with Datacenter floor

We are a little further to our destination, Let’s enter into the 5th Layer Which is Google’s data center. You may wonder then what the 6th layer for? We will surely get you into it. What’s More interesting about Google’s data center is only 1% of Google employees ever get to set foot in here. However, As this has to be a restricted area only technicians and engineers who have allowed to be here for maintenance, upgrade or repair the equipment. 

googles data server room-Google's security system

If your question is

Does these few have access to our information’s ?

Definitely “No”. They are just people with access to devices only, but every piece of information is encrypted and users have their own encryption keys to access their data. Moreover, then technicians and the official team no one can access a single piece of user information.

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Layer 6 with Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Finally, Welcome to the mysterious 6th Layer where disks are destroyed. Some of the disks in the data room have to be destroyed for some reason’s and this room is important as a database room. Only a few allowed personnel are allowed to this room. They are given disks through a special shelf so that’s they can collect the disks and destroy them to very pieces and make sure that no one can retrieve anything from them. It is like a scrapping room with a high security.

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