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How to make money on Instagram? 2021

Hello there,! We’ll go over how to make money on Instagram in great detail. We are excited to launch a series of making money online this blog is one of those parts of making money via Instagram. Let’s get through it, we know that social media is a great platform for making money with just a phone and an internet connection. However, most of us use Instagram for entertainment, did you know you can make a lot of money on Instagram, and I’m going to show you how? and How much Insta will help you pay you?.

According to buffer, influencers with 10000 followers or less are receiving the best results for businesses, so if you’ve ever thought maybe I can do that too, you definitely can, you only have to choose whether you want to represent your own brand or a partner’s brand. Let me answer some of the

Most commonly asked questions regarding how to make money on Instagram.

Instagram Usage
  • How many followers do you need in order to make money on Instagram?
  • How much do influencers actually make?
  • What are the best ways you can start making money on Instagram?
  • How to charge as an influencer?
  • How do you start making partnerships with brands?

How many followers do you need in order to make money on Instagram?

According to a recent study micro-influencers or accounts with 10,000 or fewer followers will make around 88 dollars per post-mid-tier influencers or accounts with ten thousand to a hundred thousand followers will charge around two hundred dollars per post. Top-level influencers or influencers with a hundred thousand to a million followers can charge approximately 670 dollars for each post however they can charge much more when you get to this level the numbers tend to vary the reason that these numbers are not set in stone is that there are a few factors that come into play. The niche that you’re in will define how much competition you’ll be up against and how much money you could potentially make some very profitable but also very competitive niches are fitness, beauty, health, business, and travel if you’re not trying to compete you can always dominate a low competition niche in Instagram.

So How to make money on Instagram with huge followers?

For example: Nicole McLaughlin remixes clothing and turns them into art pieces and she has close to half a million followers.

How much money you charge will depend on how engaged your followers are the reason for this is because brands want to see a return on investment. So, if you have a hundred thousand fake followers you won’t be able to provide any real value for brands keep in mind that it’s not only the size and reach of your Instagram account that brands want, it’s also your audience’s trust and engagement with your content as well. This is due to the fact that you give access to a niche with a large broad range of potential customers, which is something that companies want and are ready to pay for.

How much do influencers actually make?

How to make money on Instagram?

How much money you can actually make like in any industry and any job there’s a range of what you can actually make. Marketers are willing to pay one cent per follower so let’s say you have 5 000 followers you could potentially charge fifty dollars per post. You should know that pricing will depend on creative mandates, timeline production costs, and usage rates. Now if you’re wondering How top Instagrammers make thousands and thousands of dollars on the content that they make. Let this keep you motivated as you grow your account and let it be something to reach for.

What are the best ways you can start making money on Instagram?

Let’s brainstorm a few ways that you can make money on Instagram you can work with brands on sponsored posts you can become an affiliate you can open your own online store or you can do all of these things at once.So, starting with the most popular option, you may charge brands a price for sponsored material on your feed or in your stories, and you and the brands will come to an agreement concerning exclusivity, such as

  • How much content you produce
  • The wording that you’re using in the actual content itself
  • How much money is at play

There are numerous options: The contract may also require you to include a specific call to action, such as a link in your bio that goes to the brand’s website. Becoming an affiliate is another way to generate money. Affiliates differ from influencers in that affiliates are more interested in making sales for their brand partners rather than simply raising brand awareness. This is typically done with a promo code or a trackable link to indicate that the sales are coming from you in order to get connected with brands that are looking for affiliates. You might look into affiliate markets such as Clickbank incentive and Amazon Associates. Reviewing items is the ultimate form of affiliate marketing; to make this work, evaluate things that you and your audience would be interested in hearing about.

How to charge as an influencer?

When you’re working with a brand there are two main ways to price your posts.

1) For sponsored posts you can charge a flat fee per post

The best thing you can do for yourself is to value your efforts and set a fixed pricing each article based on the ROI-Return on investment that you generate for brands. Assuming there is transparency, you’ll want to be as involved in the results as possible. For example, if you’re charging $50 per post and the brand makes $10,000 in sales, if you want to renegotiate your rates for affiliate posts, you’ll charge a cost per sale, which usually comes in the form of a percentage of the sale and a commission can be anywhere from $5 to $30.

2) Pay per lead

If you set up a pay-per-lead pricing model, you will be paid a flat price every time a lead completes the desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter, filling out a contact form, or signing up for a free trial. Finally, you may charge a pay-per-click fee, which means you get paid for every client you send to a brand’s website.

How do you start making partnership with brands?

You may contact them personally to attempt to work out a contract, or you can advertise yourself on influencer marketplaces such as Fohr, Crowdtap, and IndaHash to be noticed and begin developing relationships.


Fohr is a marketplace where you can create an influencer card with a list of all your social profiles for brands to check out when they’re shopping around for partnerships or you can access a list of brands and their wants in order to take initiative and start reaching out.


Crowdtap is great for smaller accounts you can do small content creation tasks to earn rewards. However, this is only available to people that are in the US.


IndaHash is where brands post campaigns for you to participate in a post a picture and use the specified hashtags and get paid however you’re going to need at least 700 engaged followers in order to be eligible for the programs.

When it comes to sponsored content but in order to respect your audience’s trust use hashtag add or hashtag sponsored on your posts check out what other Instagrammers are doing by searching hashtag sponsored. Instagram also has a paid partnership tag that calls out sponsored posts some brands might require you to do this in order to disclose your relationship with them.

Other Ways to become financial freedom

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