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Do you know: What Amazon planned with NASA? (Project: Blue Moon)

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Hey there!, Happy to see you, In this blog, we will learn the foundations of what Amazon has planned with Nasa in this Space Tech series. We are delighted to welcome you to our social media pages, where you can interact with other technology enthusiasts and stay up to speed on the latest technology releases from leading firms.

Amazon’s: Blue Origin, LLC is an American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company. NASA is planning on using Blue origin’s project Blue moon is to return people to the moon in 2024. Let’s take a deep look at their plans.

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Amazon: Blue moon project

Before delving into crude moon missions, the blue moon’s New shepard rocket is a liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen fueled moon lander that weighs in at 15 metric tonnes when fully loaded with fuel. Apart from that, the New shepard is designed to deliver a solid 3.6 metric tonnes to the lunar surface. They’re also expected to have a larger variant capable of carrying up to 6.5 metric tons. The blue moon shepard rocket is intended to be employed on a range of lunar surface research activities; it can launch tiny satellites into orbit around the moon after many of these research operations have been completed. The regular shepard rocket is only designed to make one ray troops to the moon to maximize the payload volume however the larger variant will also carry sufficient fuel as well as an ascent module to enable round trips to the moon the blue moon’s New shepard rocket is expected to be used in conjunction with the new Glenn.

NASA – Blue moon Project

NASA is also planning to make use of these Shepard rockets. NASA’s current plan is to return people to the moon in 2024 using its upcoming space launch system. Given that the space launch system itself is still in the early stages of development, the plan is to use the new shepard rocket to land astronauts on the moon rather than building their own new lunar landing system.

Amazon Long term goal – Blue origin

Blue Origin’s long-term ambitions, Blue Origin believes in constructing a lunar base and maybe a lunar colony, however, their main goal is not space colonization, though they are enthusiastic about it.

According to Blue Origin’s mission website, their objective is to maintain Earth while tapping into space’s limitless resources and energy. Jeff Bezos believes that earth is by far the best planet and as a result, we should focus on staying on and preserving earth while using space and other planets to better serve us, rather than trying to live there. As I said, though he is all for space colonization. He doesn’t think it’s a top priority. According to him “the largest threat to human advancement and innovation is not an existential threat like a meteor destroying earth or something like that but rather an energy crisis.

We will run out of energy, It’s just arithmetic,

It’s going to happen!!!

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos – Explanation: Why?

He explains that our bodies are as efficient as 100 watt light bulbs despite this as a society the average person living in western countries consumes about 11 000 watts or the same energy needed to sustain 110 humans as the energy demand in western countries continues to grow and developing countries catch up. He believes that we will have to resort to energy rationing; as a result, he believes that the solution to this problem is to expand energy production into space. This may entail erecting large solar panels in space or on nearby planets; these solar panels will store their produced energy on battery devices. which will be transported back and forth this of course requires that the energy produced by such solar panels far exceeds the energy consumed in transporting energy to the earth currently our solar technology is nowhere near enough to reasonably offset the energy consumed by rocket launches but a few decades in the future this vision might actually make sense.

Aside from this Jeff Bezos also feels that another important problem on the planet is air pollution, which must be addressed in addition to switching as many companies as possible to renewable energy. At the end of the day, he believes that businesses that cannot be transformed should be relocated to space. Blue Origin is currently working on making their new Shepard rocket ready for crude missions concurrently they’re also looking to finish the development of the new Glenn and the blue moon to expedite the journey in setting up a lunar base long term though they hope to offset the energy and pollution crisis on earth by moving energy production and manufacturing into space and that’s the state of blue origin today.

“Do you guys agree that energy constraints will turn into a large-scale problem in the future“? What will be your view? Let us connect in the comments.

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