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Google New updates-2021

Welcome fellas, this blog is just a short article on Google new updates – google lens, google maps, google photos. Hope you find a good experience seeing around. cheers 😉

Google always does an incredible job on their improvements on their updates. In this upgrade, Google introduced some new features so we can conclude that this is more than a simple update. This blog lets you know about updates that google going to make on apps that we are already consuming on daily basis.

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New Upgraded versions of Google new Updates:

Google lens

Google plans on giving an update on Google lens: Over a million words can be translated using google lens in a day around the globe. We all are well aware of the google lens that gives us results by scanning an image. Following listed features of upcoming Google new updates.

Google lens in Education

Google took a step towards helping students in education by improving google’s lens for educational purposes. If we search a question or maths problem in google lens it will provide you with an exact answer for that problem and in some cases it will redirect us to exact result page to help students get a better search result.

Google lens in Shopping

Google also working on easing our shopping experience by google lens. Now on if we click an image on google lens it will scan the image and get results for products in the images that will easily direct us to shopping sites with the same product or same design.  

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Google maps

google new update- map view

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As we know google maps are inevitable in our day-to-day life so google plans on updating more than 100 AI improvements on google maps. Some of them are

  • They provide us with street signs that actual places don’t have to help us in navigating the hardest intersections on street.
  • They also improving signs in google maps to navigate us inside some complex buildings which will be a little difficult to find our way even with maps before.

 “Google also working on giving us most efficient fuel routes on google maps”.

Google photos

Google photos always provide us with a suggestion for editing the photos, rotating the photos, etc., They also analyze each photo and makes various patterns under folders like Peoples & pets, Places, Things, food, etc., to find them easily. Now they also improving patterns in google photos for our convenient experience.

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