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Sony Xperia Pro-I Camera specifications explained

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In our previous post, we have seen about Sony Xperia Pro I in detail and even comparison. If you have seen the specs you will know how iconic the Xperia Pro I camera is. Let’s have a deep look into Xperia Pro I camera, its specifications, pros and con’s and even some pro tips. Hope we explained it well.

  1. Photography 
  2. Videography 
  3. Cinematography


ZEISS quality in your Xperia:


Enjoy the benefits of ZEISS optics that have been specifically calibrated for the Xperia PRO-I.

Large 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor with phase-detection AF sensor:

The large 1.0-type sensor, based on the RX100 VII sensor but developed and tuned exclusively for the Xperia PRO-I, offers high levels of image resolution and less noise. As a result, the picture quality is fantastic, with realistic textures and exceptional detail.

2.4μm pixel pitch:

The amazing 2.4m pixel pitch of the 1.0-type image sensor provides high sensitivity and helps to excellent texture reproduction, even when shooting in low light.


>New Xperia

Even In low light! there will be less noise!!

The Xperia PRO-I can take photos with less noise in low-light conditions thanks to its high-sensitivity 1.0-type image sensor.

Clear details – high dynamic range conditions:

The 1.0-type image sensor allows the Xperia PRO-I to bring out detail in both dark and bright areas of the image in high dynamic range situations.

Artistic natural bokeh effects:

Another benefit of the large image sensor is that the Xperia PRO-I can capture beautiful shots with naturally deep bokeh.

Dual aperture:

The dual aperture of F2.0 / 4.0 allows you to explore with a depth of field and portray your subject in a number of ways.

triple camera of sony xperia pro-I

Triple lens and 3D iToF sensor for creativity:

The 24mm lens with a 1.0-type image sensor on the Xperia PRO-I is supplemented by two additional lens options, a 16mm and a 50mm, allowing you to experiment with composition. A 3D iToF sensor estimates the distance between the camera and the subject in real-time, ensuring fast, accurate autofocus in any setting. All three lenses support phase-detection autofocus.


With three lens options – 16mm Ultra-Wide, 24mm Wide, and 50mm Standard – the Xperia PRO-I allows you to capture a wide range of images.

Processing, performance, and imaging quality:

Sony’s most recent BIONZ X™image processor for mobile devices and Sony’s unique front-end LSI and 1.0-type image sensor, as well as Sony’s original image-processing algorithms, ensure accurate imaging even with fast-moving subjects.

AF that covers 90% frame:

On the Xperia PRO-I, 315 (21×15) phase-detection AF points cover 90 percent of the frame. So AF works pretty much anywhere your topic is and can lock on to your subject very quickly.

Real-time Eye AF:

Real-time Eye AF allows you to capture stunning portraits of people or animals. Even if your subject is moving or one of his or her eyes is obscured, you will capture memorable images that are full of energy and expression.

Real-time Tracking:

Real-time Tracking, which uses AI and a 3D iToF sensor to measure distance, can detect and focus on a fast-moving subject, then continue tracking it even if it temporarily moves out of sight. Simply touch your subject on the Xperia PRO-I display to specify it.

20fps burst shooting:

spcifications of sony xperia pro I

The quick image sensor allows for continuous burst photography at up to 20fps, and the camera monitors subjects with AF/AE calculations up to 60 times per second, even when they move erratically or at high speed. Burst shooting with the Xperia PRO-I produces sharp images with less noise even in low-light conditions, thanks to the unique processing engine.

Anti-distortion shutter:

The fast readout of the 1.0-type image sensor aids in the suppression of the rolling-shutter effect, which can distort images when photographing fast-moving subjects.

Optical image stabilization for less blur:

Optical Image Stabilisation technology helps deliver images with less blur, even in low-light conditions, if your hand is unsteady when taking the shot.

12bit RAW:

When shooting in RAW format, the Xperia PRO-I supports 12bit, which results in a clean and rich tonal gradation of color without banding.

Controls and settings inspired by Alpha:

On the Xperia PRO-I, you’ll find controls similar to those found on professional cameras with Photography Pro. You can choose manual controls or automatic settings and shoot in RAW using an interface inspired by Alpha cameras. Photography Pro also includes a Basic mode for quick access to a variety of simple photography features, such as a touch shutter button.

Shutter button – True camera feel:

Using the Xperia PRO-I, with its dedicated shutter button, is similar to using the Sony RX100 series. It even has the same shutter switch module and uses the same button strokes to operate AF and shutter release. Long-pressing the shutter button will also launch Photography Pro and allow you to begin shooting right away.

camera strap:

The Xperia PRO-I has a built-in strap-hole, so you can easily attach a wrist or neck strap for added security while taking photos.

The perfect companion for Sony Alpha camera:

You can use your Xperia PRO-I to transfer RAW files and files with lossless compression from your Alpha camera, as well as remotely control Touch Tracking and Touch Focus for convenient AF operation, using the Imaging Edge Mobile™ app.


High-quality video with an authentic shooting:

The Xperia Pro I’s 1.0-type image sensor raises the quality of your videos to a new level, while Sony’s unique UI assists you in fully realizing your creative vision, resulting in shots that are exactly as you intended.

Videography Pro:

The Xperia PRO-Videography I’s Pro app puts all of the creative settings you need in the palm of your hand. The Videography Pro interface, which draws on Sony’s expertise across a range of video and movie cameras, allows you to tailor manual controls to your specific needs or rely on auto mode for total convenience.

Eye AF for stills and videos:

Sony’s superior eye-detection and tracking performance not only help you take gorgeous still portraits, but also help you shoot breathtaking video footage. Eye AF brings videos to life like never before by recognizing the human or animal eye and maintaining focus on it as your subject moves.

Stay focused with Object Tracking:

Object Tracking can automatically track a moving target and keep it in great focus, even if it lacks eyes or its eyes are blocked from view.

Shoot video in 4K HDR 120fps:

The Xperia PRO-I allows you to shoot high-quality video in 4K HDR 120fps and select playback frame rates ranging from 24fps to 120fps for greater creative flexibility.

Take smooth, shake-free video:

The Xperia PRO-I includes the most recent Optical SteadyShotTM with FlawlessEyeTM, which combines the image sensor’s increased reading speed with Sony’s original optical image stabilization algorithm. As a result, the video footage is extremely smooth and shake-free.

Record loud and clear voice:

Sound is normally recorded through stereo microphones when shooting video on an Xperia camera in order to reproduce multi-dimensional sound. However, the Xperia PRO-I includes a built-in monaural microphone next to the main camera, allowing you to concentrate on recording speech while other sounds remain in the background.

Filter out wind noise:

Our industry-leading audio separation technology is included in the Xperia PRO-I for highly effective wind filtering, both for stereo and monaural microphones.

Film yourself with the Vlog Monitor for Xperia PRO-I:

If you’re a blogger, a YouTuber, or simply sharing with friends, the Xperia PRO-1.0-type I’s image sensor allows you to film yourself with exceptional imaging quality. You can also see what you’re recording and create truly memorable content by attaching the Vlog Monitor for Xperia PRO-I.


Enjoy 21:9 movie recording with Cinematography Pro:

(Powered by CineAlta) 

Make movies with the same parameters and color settings as professionals. Our Digital Cinema Camera engineers’ expertise, Look color management presets, 21:9 ratio, 4K HDR, 120fps high frame rate, and 24, 25, 30, and 60fps provide you with all the tools you need. 

Capture, Edit, and Share:

When you finish shooting with most cameras, you go home to your laptop or PC to edit and share your work. However, the Xperia PRO-I allows you to do it all from a single device, wherever and whenever you want.

Wrapping Up:

The listed features are taken from official website of Sony, you can have a look of Sony Xperia Pro-I

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