You are currently viewing Top 4-Do’s and Dont’s before applying Google Adsense
Top 4-Do's and Dont's before applying Google Adsense

Top 4-Do’s and Dont’s before applying Google Adsense

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Hey fellas, happy to see you, we provide amazing insights of important material about technology and the Making money online series make sure to follow them. And this is one of the Making money online blogs that is the continuation of 4 must-do steps for your Youtube Monetization. However, most of us while applying for Adsense we only consider watch hours and felt like we will be permitted for Adsense by Google but the truth is we must follow some Do’s and Dont’s before applying Google Adsense policies. So we have given you some analyzed most important Do‘s and Dont’s for your reference.

Purpose of Google AdSense :

Google AdSense is a program run by Google for the purpose of advertising by using publishers of websites and other Google platforms to create valuable content, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that have high engagements of the audience for sites through displaying an advertisement for that specific targeted audience for each niche and those advertisements can be produced by anyone for their business purpose with the goal of generating leads, conversions, and so on. These adverts are kept in Google Adsense as a campaign and assist to reach the desired audience and maintained by Google.

To keep this program going, Google imposes certain strict restrictions on its users in order to target the proper audience and assist those who feel Google AdSense may benefit their business without being abused. They have a number of Do’s and Don’ts for their users. If you come to do those Don’ts, you will end up in your account provoked, so let’s look at those.

4-Do's and Dont's before applying Google Adsense ,Google anaytics

Google Adsense terms and conditions:

Top 4-Do’s And Dont’s Before Applying Google Adsense


  • Make a Legal site

This should be your first step. Make sure your website is lawful i.e.(Legal)as per their norms before applying for Google Adsense because this is the only way your account will get approved. If you operate unlawful websites i.e. (illegal), you should not apply for Google Adsense, since your application would be denied. Adult content sites, movie or music downloading sites without copyrights, hacking sites, exchanging unlawful information, violent content sites, and so on are examples of illegal sites.

  • Never steal content

Make your content original, that is, create your own stuff rather than using copyrighted content such as music, video, images, and writings. Create valuable content on your own that is relevant to your area and meaningful to others. Google’s algorithms prohibit the use of duplicated and published content. Never utilize plagiarism since it may result in you spamming your own websites.

  • Organic Backlinks

Check to see whether you’re receiving safe backlinks. Always leave comments on legitimate blogs. Post your blogs in a safe directory, and never try to buy backlinks from spam resources, since this may result in your Adsense account being blocked. Backlinks are the most essential factor in increasing traffic, therefore experiment with natural approaches is important. If your contents are good and helpful to other creators, they may assist you with redirecting your website by linking to your website in their blogs, which increases organic reach and also helps with AdSense.

  • Need organic traffic

Always focus on increasing organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is derived from search engines such as Google, Explore, and search results. Adsense usually gives priority to organic traffic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize sponsored traffic because it’s effective. But keep this at bay. You can receive visitors through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but focus on organic traffic, which is ideal for your website. Optimize your websites with SEO tools and strategies to make it easier for Google crawlers to find your site..


These are more serious than the previous ones since they may result in you being banned from your own websites. So get through the end.

  • Do not click on your own ads

You may believe you can click your own ad to boost your Ad click rate, but don’t deceive yourself or Google. Because Google has a distinct algorithm for these kind of processes. They watch the timing of ad clicks and measure timing by “how many seconds you exit an ad without buying anything.” You may have your account suspended if you do these things. So, keep in mind that Google is always one step ahead of some of our stupid minds.

  • Do not apply Adsense without below Listed pages

You should provide visitors with adequate navigation pages on your website before applying for Google Adsense. You won’t be able to receive clearance unless your site has a sufficient number of navigation pages. You must provide visitors with vital information about your site, such as About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and so on; without them, Google will not enable Google Adsense for your account. Google requires a well-designed, user-friendly interface for your website. This not only allows you to use AdSense, but it will also help your readership grow.

  • Do not buy bots traffic

Bot traffic can drive visitors to your website. However, traffic is nothing more than Automated Software that is meant to perform repeated activities such as performing millions of clicks, providing you with an endless number of hits for your site. However, you should always attempt to maintain your site safe and prevent Bot traffic. Google is capable of tracking these applications, resulting in the suspension of your Adsense account.

  • Do not use other monetization program with Adsense

Google is the largest monetization platform, paying you a handful for their advertisements, but we’re constantly looking for something better. If you find a platform that is superior to Google, you may use it, but you must first deactivate your Google Adsense account. Google will not enable you to monetize your site using more than one monetization platform in addition to Google Adsense. If you break this guideline, your Adsense account may be suspended.

For Further process, you can visit the Guide to applying updated Google Adsense for Youtube:

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  • Please feel free to share your thoughts, and if you have any concerns about your monetization, you are always welcome to contact me. Let’s make this a memorable chat. Let’s start a tech community and provide valuable knowledge for future generations.”
  • “Please feel free to share your thoughts, and if you have any concerns about your monetization, you are always welcome to contact me. Let’s make this a memorable chat. Let’s start a tech community and provide valuable knowledge for future generations.”

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