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Well known Facts of Apple: Steve Jobs Kingdom

Let’s be honest about the search terms: Unknown facts of APPLE are everywhere, and why should we have to do the same? So we decided to provide content for folks who are looking for a quick note on well-known facts of Apple: A Steve Jobs Kingdom. So, you want to know a few short facts about Apple? Here are the top eight well-known facts that can help you remember them better as a student.

Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs:

Steve Jobs was born in the United States, the son of a Syrian immigrant. Few people know that Steve Jobs was adopted, and even fewer know that his father, Abdulfattah Jandali, was the man who got Joanne Schieble pregnant while she was still in college. The infant was placed for adoption due to parental concerns, and despite the mother’s wishes that the baby is adopted by educated people, young Steve was adopted by Paul Jobs, a high school dropout, and Clara Jobs, who had not completed college.

Apple was started with a calculator:

To establish the firm, Jobs sold his VW Microbus and Wozniak sold his calculator. That may appear one-sided now, but a scientific calculator was worth more than the vehicle back then. Wozniak was successful in selling it for $500. And this is where the new marketing era of Apple began.

The Patent for the “slide to unlock” feature belongs to Apple:

Mobile phones nowadays come with a variety of unlocking features, including fingerprint sensors, facial detection, and retinal scanners. We don’t even have to touch the screen to unlock it with them. Even apple applied some new unlocking features their iconic unlock pattern is “Swipe to unlock”. This feature is present in all iPhones. Because Apple owns the patent for this distinctive feature, it can’t be found on any other phone.

The iPod’s code name was Dulcimer:

Apple has a codename for every product it made. Apple codenames are the names given to items by Apple Inc. while they are being developed. The codenames are frequently used solely internally, usually to keep the project’s confidentiality. A codename may occasionally become the name of a finished product. The book Apple Confidential 2.0 contains the majority of Apple’s codenames from the 1980s and 1990s.

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Apple sold 41Lakh iPhones per day in 2013:

In the year 2013 apple is said to be sold more than 411,000 iPhones in one year which nearly made the company about 2500 crores INR. 

Employees at Apple headquarters in Cupertino earn an average of INR 92Lakhs per year:

It is said that in the year 2012 apple employees working in Cupertino, California earns 7.60Lakhs INR per month. In Cupertino apple have nearly 14,000 employees and I think only some of them are fortunate to get this kind of salary.

Everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple, where it is processed and kept for up to two years:

hey siri vintage apple facts

Although Siri listens, it doesn’t remember anything you say before it’s engaged by voice command, according to Apple’s privacy policy. Apple could then keep your footage for up to six months before stripping it of any personal information and storing it for another two years.

Apple Ipad’s retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung:

Apple discovered that outsourcing their retina display to Samsung is really less expensive than building the infrastructure themselves. It’s also a hugely lucrative deal that provides Apple a little advantage over Samsung. Of course, Samsung still rules the Display market for devices.

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