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Whatsapp new privacy policy-Account Deletion

whatsapp new Privacy policy

We all know that social media is used in every field ranging from simple Juice shop marketing – to promote some Multi-National Companies. Such social media giant’s like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. The issue Facebook announced: Whatsapp new privacy policy is burst out as controversy around most parts of the world. 

However, Facebook admits that our privacy is safe as always but most probably it’s really a common question aroused by people around the Globe that Why do Facebook needed this information from a messenger that’s not even a social platform where everything is open to all according to their privacy settings. But Whatsapp is a highly private loved messaging platform non-other that like Fb even though why Facebook needs data from Whatsapp users for marketing according to users interest.

We have given a short version of the Whatsapp new account deletion.

Whatsapp Account inactivation

Every social media applications have millions of users worldwide which means billions of accounts from students to elders. Humour fact that Facebook states that as of 2021 there are nearly 30million accounts that belong to users that are already dead. So every social media delete accounts that are completely inactive(No login) for a period of time.

Deletion in whatsapp

By 2020 whatsapp have 2 Billion users worldwide some of those accounts are being inactive, So whatsapp decided to block those inactive accounts and also states that those accounts will not be deleted user data will be intact unless they uninstall that application and they can access those data when they again logged in or re-install the application.

This “blocking” is done when the account is inactive (user hasn’t connected to WhatsApp) for 120 days in a row to maintain security, limit data retention, and protect users’ privacy).

If the user has a WhatsApp application on their device but doesn’t have an Internet connection for more than 120 days account will be “blocked”.

There are other series of reasons for WhatsApp to block your number and let’s have a look at that one. Visit the following link for further details, this is the short form of the new update. 

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