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Why Elon Musk reply his customers in Twitter?

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All we know is that Tesla founder Elon Musk has always been active on Twitter. Quickly responds to questions and comments from other Netizens, including customers of his electric cars and electric vehicle enthusiasts. Elon Musk has been commenting on things that are going viral on the internet at the same time. Furthermore twitter account of one of the world’s richest person Elon Musk works as Tesla’s corporation liason. As a result, Elon’s recent response to a customer’s question has become yet another example of his prompt and dedication. Lets have a look of why he reply his customers.

Elon’s Twitter service:

The South Korean Tesla Model 3 car owner has questioned Elon Musk on Twitter, saying “ he could not connect his iPhone to the system of his electric compact sedan“, which is currently a global problem. Elon Musk, who responded in just 3 minutes, was the first to say, “Checking …”.

Elon Musk's reply to tweet

Within the next few minutes, there was an update on this complaint. He stated in the second response log that the server was down and that he had posted the source of the problem in the Tesla application at the time. The South Korean customer was astounded to receive such a prompt response, especially from Tesla’s CEO, and responded, “Thank you, Elon”. Elon Musk’s activities have piqued the interest of many Internet users all around the world.

Elon musk customer replies

They are expressing gratitude for this. In fact, on November 19, there was a software issue with Tesla vehicles in many countries. So, the vast majority of Tesla electric car customers are unable to connect their vehicles to the processor provided solely by Tesla. Is anyone else here? Who doesn’t appreciate Brand’s fast service?. And as a brand, this is how you establish an emotional connection with your customers.

Customer reply to Elon musk comment

Responsible CEO ever:

After learning that Elon Musk would be active on Twitter, some of these Tesla car owners began tweeting questions to him. Some of these questions were also addressed by Elon. The discussion above is just one of many that have gone viral. So some of you may be wondering, “What’s the point of mentioning?” It is not as easy as a busy entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Elon Musk has no need to respond to these concerns; his customer care team will handle them, but He has no qualms about apologizing for any issues with the company’s production.

Why should he do this? 

We all know how most prestigious people react to interactions with their customers. But here Elon proved that he is different indeed we can think of some questions. Here are some of my own questions for why would he do this 

Is this for publicity of the company? 

More than 80 % of social media users know about tesla. Tesla’s reach is almost magical that everyone knows every project of Tesla only just because all they do is something others think impossible. These ideas alone will reach people. With these projects, he doesn’t need to reach people by replying on Twitter for his companies fame, Nah ! he is the one who tweets “Tesla Stock price is too high” and the stock had fallen.

Is this for his own good name? 

This may be for his namesake but as far as all we know Elon is the kind of person who doesn’t give a shit about what others think of him in the process of reaching his own vision. And we could see the results.

Maybe a hobby? 

Elon Musk is an active Twitter user as he comments on most of the global issues and never stays silent for controversy about him/elsewhere. Twitter users know he responds to most of the tweets pointed at him. But if it’s just a re-tweet this applies but he analyzed the customer’s complaint took time for it and rectified it. Why would he go through all of that? 

Leading in customer service as one of the Priority:

In a survey, A companies that can provide satisfactory customer service, Tesla ranks first in the world. This is due to Tesla’s constant desire to meet the needs of its customers as soon as possible.

Tesla net worth and deals:

The total market asset value of Tesla was disclosed at the end of last October. According to data, Tesla’s total assets have surpassed $1 trillion, but the company has yet to enter the Indian car market. Hertz, a US rental car company, recently signed a deal with Tesla to purchase 1 million electric vehicles.

The deal between Tesla and Hertz is reportedly worth $ 4 million. All these 1 lakh cars are Model 3 electric sedan, model

Tesla share market hike:

In the United States, the Tesla Model 3 electric car costs $ 40,000. The fact that Tesla’s assets have surpassed $1 trillion is good news for Tesla shareholders. This is because Tesla’s stock price has risen 13 percent as a result of the new agreement, and it now stands at $1,024.86.

Meeting with Elon may be the Key:

However we never know the answer for why? and None of this matters him, Elon is the only one who can answer these questions because everyone has their own perspective for matters. I shared questions and justification of my perspective and hope to write your perspective in the comment

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