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Why we have been lied about 5G? | 5G vs Starlink

This Article may be a controversial one. Before going through I have a question for you, what if I said that: You’re being lied to? for something big. It’s when a new service or a new forthcoming piece of technology is pushed to death when it honestly doesn’t make that much of a difference in our everyday lives, which is why we have things like 5G or T-mobile’s which is slower.

It’s just a repetitive marketing term that we see and thinks “oh, that means I get faster Internet speeds” even if you don’t even if you end up paying more for the phone because it has 5G support, and pretty much all carriers are guilty of trying to trick people into either paying more for their phone or their data plan to have access to faster internet.

However, we know that the majority of what people do on their phones for entertainment and socializing purposes, such as watching YouTube videos, browsing Twitter, and checking Instagram, are all things that regular 4G is capable of, and if you ever have issues with cellular data not being able to do those things on your phone, it is a coverage issue, not a speed issue. We’re usually stuck with this 5G technology that doesn’t make much of a difference.

Why 5G booming Mobile prices

We know 5g is advertised to help with autonomous vehicles and allow doctors to perform surgeries remotely, but that won’t happen until we figure out How to make 5g penetrate buildings, and we can’t even get high-performance 5G to penetrate trees yet, so I’d say all of that is going to take a while given that the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road don’t even have 5G modems. Just look at Qualcomm: they’re requiring the snapdragon 865 chip in all of the Galaxy S20 series to use 5G modems, which means that the price of all of the parts goes up, and the price for sure will be passed on to the end-user.

Samsung is tied to that contract with Qualcomm. In other words, Qualcomm basically runs the modem business for smartphones. They’re pretty much requiring all new smartphones that come to the US to have 5g support, which is driving up the price. Is anyone asking for more than a gigabit on a phone? Not really the counts go high may be only a few. But why people who never asked for it?


Meanwhile, most of us may hear of Starlink and some may not. So, this is not a fictional movie word this is one of the projects of Elon Musk and it is engineered by SpaceX. The world-leading private space station. we are making separate series for Space technology so you can make use of it.

What is Starlink:

For those of you who don’t know, star link is an Internet service that will be hosted by SpaceX, a business that enjoys finding methods to make rocket launches cheaper by reusing what they call the Falcon 9 rocket and having it land back on Earth. They’ve caught quite a few of them. SpaceX engineers are redesigning it better than others to bring its highest efficiency.

They’ve all achieved their main goal, which is to get into a specific altitude and not geo sync to orbit, so Starling satellites will be working at a much lower altitude than traditional satellite internet, which usually companies like HughesNet use one or two satellites that they all point to and you get very poor internet performance and very bad latency. Click here to visit our other blog To learn more about Starlink & the three most important questions asked for Starlink.

So Why Starlink isn’t Famous than 5G?

Let’s start with the fact that a lot of people aren’t aware of StarLink. Because of some conditions, Firstly Starlink doesn’t waste billions of dollars a year for advertising and selling it, They believe in their product Outcome. Secondly, StarLink isn’t completely ready yet. However, 5g is advertised in the same way that Halloween is advertised. Posters and advertisement wallpapers all over the cities and it’s unlikely to arrive for a long time.

Why Starlink superior than 5G?

Traditional satellite Internet has very poor latency between 150 and 250 milliseconds whereas StarLink internet is hoping to be around 10 to 50 milliseconds which is much better than any other internet provider. In my perception, I think we should signup for Starlink as soon as they are in the market because a lot of cable providers have monopolies on huge portions of not just the US, but other parts of the world now I know there’s some of you out there right now thinking I pay four dollars a month for Internet and I get to terabits a second yeah. Be aware that, if you’re in a densely populated area that means that ISPs can run a very low amount of cable and provide service to a lot of people.

5G vs Starlink

Also lot of countries that are much more spread out than places like Japan and South Korea, which are known for having very fast internet, but that’s because a lot of people are close together there, so they can run low amounts of cable to maximise profits. That can’t be done everywhere because the population isn’t always so densely populated, but StarLink solves that problem because it’s literally StarLink solves that problem since it’s basically like, “Are you on planet Earth?” Yes, then aim the device at the sky and bam, you’ll be able to receive up to a gigabit. Even if it’s not a gigabit, I still think this would be remarkable.

Starlink in action!!!

StarLink has already shown promising results in early access testing. The Air Force was testing StarLink on aircraft and was able to pull in over 600 megabits per second in a plane flying through the sky, so you can imagine how much easier it will be when you’re just kind of planted on the ground. StarLink is still in early testing, so the more satellites that are sent up, the better. Elon Musk has already sent out tweets over StarLink Internet, and they’re planning to deploy it later this year, which means within a few months for North America, and then in 2021 for the rest of the world.

Conclusion: Starlink wins over 5G

StarLink will provide high-speed Wi-Fi no matter where you are on the planet at an affordable price point, allowing us to finally knock out all of these ISPs that have a monopoly on the location they’re servicing, and they haven’t wasted billions of dollars on marketing because they’re not stupid and aren’t trying to scam you. That’s why many don’t know it, therefore I utilize my platform to spread the word since it is worthy of credit to StarLink; it reinvents the industry. This is why many people don’t know it. The entire basis of 5G is built on deception.

Clearly differentiated image of 5G vs Starlink

5G vs Starlink

This is all about the 5G thing that can be avoided. So have you get your insights, Comment your thoughts and doubts we would like to hear from you.

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