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Yellow fungus Symptoms and prevention

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How to prevent black, white & yellow fungus infection for post covid and covid patients. explained in shorts about yellow fungus infections & symptoms.

Following the deadly covid, new fungal infections: BLACK & WHITE FUNGUS started infecting all over India, with addition to that a new fungus emerged called” YELLOW FUNGUS“. Yellow fungus is the most dangerous of all previous types. It has been seen and infects our internal organ rather than outer appearance as other two black and white fungus.

Yellow fungus cases reported in Chennai, UP, and so many- Here we give a short note for awareness purpose and why it will be worse than Black and White fungus. How to prevent ourselves from these fungus

1)Yellow fungus – 1st case emerged in UP

There’s been an unprecedented risk in black and white fungus which is recent, both caused due to the spread of environmental molds and unsanitary conditions. Till now there are more than 8000 confirmed cases for black and white fungus all over India. Now there has been a much worse new fungal infection called ‘Yellow fungus’ which has been 1st reported in Uttar Pradesh on May 24, 2021.

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Unlike white and black fungus it affects and infects the internal organs and in the worse cases, it may lead to death. Fortunately, we have medications for these fungi infections as these are the common types which almost found in all areas of India.

Who should be safer to prevent yellow fungus :

Not everyone should be fear of these fungus infections since it mostly affects immune low patients and posts Covid patients who may have low immunity. Avoid fake news, these fungal infections are normal.

Steps to follow:

  • Keep your environment clean.
  • Never take old foods.
  • Keep your body clean, bath twice if needed.
  • Eat immune-rich foods.
  • Make yourself available to the early morning or evening sun. (Vitamin D).
  • Avoid being anxious and panic these fungal infections are common and can be treated.

2)What scientist know so far:

Scientist states that yellow fungus could be much worse than black and white fungus as yellow fungus attack internal organs.Yes, unlike Black and White fungus, Yellow fungus infects internally which will cause pus leakage, slow healing rates of wounds at first. In serious cases, it could able to cause devastating symptoms like Organ failure and Acute necrosis. Therefore, “patients need to seek medical treatment as soon as they observe any abnormal fungal symptoms”.

3)Cause of infection

We all should know that fungus usually develops such as:

  • Unsanitary conditions
  • poor hygiene
  • contaminated resources(food)
  • overuse of steroids 
  • antibacterial medications

Patients using immunity suppression drugs are most prone to this infection.

4)Symptoms of Yellow fungus

 Both black and white fungus cause disturbing symptoms such as face deformity and intense swelling but as the yellow fungus spreads internally they cause different symptoms such as 

Loss of energy:

The Yellow fungus affects vital organs, they drain and intake our energy which causes symptoms like lack of energy, fatigue, and exhaustion.

Poor appetite:

The spread of fungal infections will affect our digestive system. Till now patients are reported that they had loss of appetite all of a sudden. This leads to loss of weight and energy.

Weight loss:

Not all weight loss should be a symptom of yellow fungus, but unusual sudden weight loss is surely a major symptom for infection which needs medical care.

Sunken eyes:

Facial discomfort is the major symptom of black fungus, doctors say that in some serious cases of yellow fungus people suffer from red, sunken eyes, slow healing of wounds, and eventual necrosis in some cases. In some cases, serious leakage of pus is also observed and also everyone should keep track of other fungal infection symptoms.


All the fungal infections we talked about aren’t exactly new or rare. Currently, Amphotericin B injection is used which is an anti-fungal medicine is our only known cure for these fungal infections.

      Apart from symptoms and cure it is better to be safe. As we know for sure people with high immunity are very less prone to this fungal infection we should eat a healthy diet, stay at home as much as possible, keep the environment clean. so you can keep your family safe.

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Stay home, stay safe

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